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Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ Violets ~

Hi there! There must be truly wonderful stories about how needlework came into our lives! If you have a minute, let me share my story with you!

There I was, Saturday morning, early twenties, pitifully pitiful, sobbing from an earth shattering breakup with a beau the night before. There was nothing to do, I was a lost little lamb. I thought maybe I could and should find something to concentrate on, other than my shattered heart. So, off to Joann Fabrics I went, puffy eyes and all, you can well imagine all the natural beauty I was exuding~LOL. I scuffed up and down each aisle~sniffing, puffing and dabbing, ending up at a section of needlework. I thought *maybe I could do this* as I selected a chart, aida, needles and floss. I stood there thinking~hmmm, if I could just get through the weekend, I might feel better by Monday. And with Monday comes work, and work would fill my day and the holes in my bruised heart. I stitched all weekend, barely setting down the needle a single moment. What with all the counting and crossing, I was able to forget the drama from the night before. This is my first finish, nothing special, but I was a wee bit proud to have completed it, and to have made it through the weekend. At twenty-something, a young woman's heart can still be very tender, then she does two things~grows up and grows a pair:) By Monday, I found myself smitten all over again with this thing about needles and flosses and crosses, oh my! My eternal gratitude to you old beau, for letting me go...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Aww, a heartwarming story to be sure!

  2. what a lovely story Sue, nothing as romantic for me I'm afraid. The craft magazine I usually bought wasn't in the shop so I picked up a cross stitch mag with a free kit on the front and I was hooked.


  3. Oh Sue! What a wonderful story:) Thank you for sharing with us!
    And I love your first finish! Wow...that is so cool that you still have it! It's beautiful:)

  4. What a wonderful soul-sharing story! It sounds like a painful way to learn the love of needlework, but I'm glad that you found comfort in the needle!! You do lovely work!! :)

  5. Aww, sorry you got your heart broken but I'm so glad a new love sprang from the tears. What a nice story.
    Glad to see you kept your first project as well; it's dainty & pretty!
    My first cross stitch was a bunny birth sampler that I made in honour of my first newborn son. Quite alot of stitching for a first project!


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