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Friday, April 3, 2009

~ Gifts from Dearest Pamela ~

Hi There! For the last 20 plus years, my dearest friend Pamela on Owasco Lake has brought me many things; enduring friendship, joy for my heart, comfort in times of sorrow, enough belly laughs to last a lifetime, my FAV fragrance *Anne Klein II* parfum, as the saying goes *she's got my back*! Then, that one night long ago she brought me the most special gift, DH, she introduced us, a gift that no words could possibly describe. I truly love her, she is my sister in every sense. Every young woman should have a very close girlfriend or two, as they journey through life together:)

Now, Pamela has surprised me with her gorgeous *made~with~love* bookmark.
Seems Pamela has taken up beading and enjoying herself immensely. How she does this intricate handwork is beyond me, hundreds of beautiful tiny beads, hand strung and finished, WOW! Click on image to enlarge. It sparkles that captivating blue-green color, which reminds me of the Caribbean waters, which reminds me of our girls' vacation to the Dominican, which reminds me that it began with our jet landing in a cow field-LOL!

Thank you again Pamela, I shall treasure this gift full of sweet memories:)

Lovely isn't it?

Tootles, Sue

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  1. Yes! Your comments are working again:)

    I can't even imagine the time it took for your friend to make your amazing bookmark! It's absolutely gorgeous!


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