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Sunday, April 12, 2009

~ How To Grow * Nice * Spiders ~

Hi there! This post has nothing to do with stitching, it's ok, I can live with it-LOL! Although I don't garden much, I am a bit of a fiend for house plants. They seem to like it here as much as we do:) Yesterday was my first *growing season* visit to DMIL for babies from her 30+ year old spider plants. Yes, they're monstrous and I always wonder when they will pull down the ceiling. Every spring she calls and says *the babies are ready, if you don't come soon, they'll be gone*, which means the babies are driving her nuts and her fingers are itchin' to get out the nippers. We simply can't have that, so off I go for a wonderful visit and some nice tea, knowing that in a few months there will be lush newly planted spider plants everywhere, to enjoy here and also gift-away.

How to grow *nice* spiders: snip off lots of baby shoots, fill jar, glass or vase with water, plunk them babies in the water, set in the spring sun, keep roots in water and re-fill jar with water when needed, in about 2 weeks, more or less they'll be nicely rooted and be ready for planting into a nice primitive pot.

Our babies look like this today, these shoots will make a very fine bigger scale plant, whooopsie me, how utterly unintentional, fish/scale LOL ~ fish with strawberry optional :)

Eventually they'll be a glorious and lush spider plant, like this!

And having *nice* spider babies of their own, like this!

Kind thanks for stopping by!

Tootles, Sue


  1. My daughter carefully tended a baby spider plant at school in first grade. When it was finally grown enough she was allowed to bring it home.

    The cat ate it to nubbins within ten minutes flat.

    Better luck with your babies!

  2. I loved my spider plant but when we moved to this house it died, I don't think it liked the move lol must think about getting another...

  3. Gracious, how I enjoye your post. I had completey forgotten about spider plants and how we used to grow them from the babies! Thank you for the memory!

  4. I love these plants. My grandmother used to have them all over her front porch. Me, I can't grow a week:(

  5. Hi Sue! My grandma does this with my great-grandma's spider plant. I'm on my third or fourth baby, they don't seem to like the 12 hour trip from PA to here. This one is doing good though, hopefully it'll be a nice lush plant before fall.

    My son and older daughter both had the same 1st grade teacher, they each planted a spider plant in her class at Halloween. It's been 7 yrs for my son's and 4 yrs for my daughters. They survived the move to GA, lived root bound in a clay pot for two yrs afterward. I managed to kill them off this spring after I repotted them. I've never had such bad luck with plants until we moved here!!



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