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Thursday, May 7, 2009

~ Cinco de Mayo ~

Hi there! First time I made these, was fun and super easy, Chicken Enchiladas w/Spanish Rice. I'm a bit surprised how good it turned out. I tweaked this recipe a bit to include sofrito sauce (Mexican tomato based sauce w/spices in olive oil) and mixed a whole jar into my shredded chicky. I substituted the cream of chicken soup with cheddar cheese soup cause that's what was in our pantry.

And my friend, if you've never tried sofrito sauce (deep, earthy, intense flavor without being hot), you are missing out! This will now be a staple in my pantry:)

If you fancy recipe here 'tis, plz copy/paste as I'm have blue thingy problems at the moment:


Who knew a German girl like me could make such an authentic and yummy Mexican treat-LOL!

Tootles, Sue


  1. I love spanish rice - yum! That meal looks divine.

  2. I have to find out about that sofrito sauce. Sure sounds good. I put hot sauce and Tasbasco on most things, LOL. My husband likes to cook Mexican foods so I'm going to turn him loose on yer recipe!

  3. That recipe looks yummy! Can you tell me where the recipe is for the rice? MY DH, a very picky eater, would not like it, but my kids will eat anything so this looks like a great recipe to make on a night he won't be home for dinner.

  4. Hi Pam, nice to hear from you, thx for visiting my blog! Your gmail says *no reply*, so I couldn't!

    I had three huge cooked chicky breasts leftover in fridge, was perfect portion for this recipe. If I can make this FABULOUS recipe, anyone can-LOL:)

    Here is link, plz copy/paste, having hyperlink probs today!


    Enjoy and have a great stitchy day!


  5. Oh girl! That looks DELICICIOUS!!!
    Thanks for sharing:)


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