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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~ Sweet Day In May ~

Hi there! Today was great, productive yet peaceful. When it's May here in Rochester, you can count on the annual Lilac Festival at Highland Park to bring a profusion of sweetness to your life. Here's our lilacs, aren't they spectacular? The only thing better than enjoying them in full bloom, is their glorious scent that fills the house. Go ahead, click on it, fill your screen with their beauty!
And while we're on the topic of sweet, here's a snack my brother Jeff thrives on at work. I'm told that no one gets between Jeff and his snack! NOW I know how to lure him over to our house and help me with my brother-do list:)

This my friend will satisfy every craving a woman could ever have, salty~sweet~creamy~crunchy~chocolaty~chewy, are you droooooling yet?
Some salted mixed nuts, a bag of M&M's, shaken not stirred:) For good measure, just in case this wasn't quite sweet enough, I added some dried cherries after I took pics-YAY! I'd say this ranks right up there with... wait... here it comes... heck you know, it rhymes with *The Big Dough* - LOL!!!

Hmmm, would anyone notice, or even care, if I put a wee bag of this in my purse for a yummy on-the-go pick me up? Shhhhh sweeties, please don't tell:)
Life should be so sweet *every* day:) Hope your day has been sweet too; if not, tomorrow is another day, make it sweet!

Tootles, Sue


  1. Hi Sue~

    Thanks for your nice comments about my new blog! I am having so much fun sharing with others.

    It seems as though you are my kind of gal! Mixed nuts and M&M's are my favorite snack!!

    I really love your projects as well. I don't normally do samplers, but I think that I may have to try one. I have seen so many beautiful ones on some of the blogs I visit.

    I will be back! Thanks again,


  2. Pretty flowers:)
    and the "omg, I want some of that salty~sweet~creamy~crunchy~chocolaty~chewy stuff NOW"....lol...
    you had to start me craving this! I like it in your clear canister too:)

  3. That looks wonderful! I make something similar, but to be EXTRA naughty, I serve it up in an empty ice-cream cone. The cone is eaten too, of course. NO EVIDENCE of the SNACK is ever found, except, of course, on my hips.

  4. Those Lilacs are so lovely - I can only imagine their fragrance.
    I was taught in Scouts that the nuts and chocolate mix is called "Scroggin" - and is handy to pack small amounts in zip-lock bags when taking kids out and about - add some sultanas/raisins too....oh..and chopped, dried apples! mmmmmmmmm You can't stop at one - handful!


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