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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi there! This post is dedicated to dear *Erynne* at *Be-Stitched* (link to the right) for her genuine kindness and friendship. When I started blogging this year, she didn't have to be kind or generous or patient or helpful, she just was, because that's her nature. Erynne isn't blogging/stitching much at the moment because she's in the soil at her new home. She LOVES her HOSTAS and is a true inspiration when it comes to gardening.

I do have some nice houseplants and they do well. Today was *Barber Day* for my Christmas cacti, all 5 of them, who've bloomed most beautifully. They needed soil attention and have never been pruned. I've absolutely no idea what I'm doing, just googling, learning as I go and hoping for the best (as pruning should be done after blooming).

My intention is they become fuller and less leggy. So, I pinched off lots and I mean LOTS of leaves (only *some* are shown below) to rid them of their legginess and tried to shape them to grow fuller, develop root strength and promote a profusion of lovely blooms. Am hoping these will grow old with me as they can live a very long long time.

In my trepidation I forgot to take pic before I started pinching.

After their trip to the barber:
And why not try something with these?
And so, here are some babies in cactus soil, (I didn't have vermiculite on hand), we'll see how it goes, wish me luck won't you?
Oh, I forgot to mention~I did the same thing to a couple of jades yesterday, pruning that is ~ hmmm... I wonder if all this hacking means something!

Sincere thanks dear Erynne for being such a wonderful inspiration and friend. Hoping to *see you* when the soil gives you a rest and happy tilling to you!

Tootles, Sue

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  1. What a sweet post to Erynne! She is such a nice person:)
    Look at you, Miss Green Thumb!! I have a Jade Tree that needs a little pruning, if you have time;)


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