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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi there! I'll admit it, I'm weak, very very weak, just had to set everything else aside and start this wee prim freebie. Link to freebie chart is in my July 3rd Freebie Friday Surprise post, help yourself, if you stitch it, plz do share with us!

So, I was off to the LNS , hoping for the *perfect* floss. And VOILA I found this silk~ Waterlilies by Caron, color is Umbria. Seems the drabbier and uglier the greens, the more I like it:) The red is really a lovely maroon. This is a really fun stitch, am enjoying how the floss is coming together, not forcing the variegation, but letting it cover naturally. I really like it, about half done, what do ya'll think?

Thx for poppin' in friends:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. I love how this looks! Can you share where you saw the freebie? Thanks!

  2. Hi Lynda, thx so much for visiting:) Tried to reply to you but got *no reply* addy. See my July 3rd *Freebie Friday Surprise* for link to this lovely freebie. Happy stitching friend!


  3. That sure is pretty. I love the simplicity yet the delicacy of the design!

  4. It's looking great so far. The color is really pretty!

  5. Your stitching looks great already! Love the colors on it.

  6. It's lovely Sue and the colour is gorgeous! :)

    Hoping all is well with you Sweetie!

    Blessings and love in stitches...


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