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Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi there! Hoping all my U.S. stitchy friends are looking forward to a nice loooong 4th of July holiday weekend and find time for love, family, friends and stitching:) Sorry I haven't posted much stitching lately. My only excuse is I've been blog reading, really enjoying it, seems every page I turn is a newly found treasure and I become enchanted in all the lovely designs, fibers and color choices.

This is a French blog, but plz don't let that hinder you. For those that need a gentle helping hand, look for Santa in his jammies, click on link above his head, wait patiently for graph to load and save to your puter.

Find it here: HERE , enjoy!
Floss used appears to be *Waterlilies 101 Cherry* by Caron.

I've been getting oodles of Friday hits which I humbly appreciate with one or two comments. Dear friends, it would be reassuring to know that my Friday feature is of interest.

Hope you like this chart as much as I do, what a beauty!

If you like it, plz let me know? Anonymous comments are always welcome!

Tootles, Sue


  1. Hi Sue,

    I shall be the first today to leave you a comment - thanks for the freebie. I was thinking yesterday half the year is over and yes, Christmas is getting closer. This is a very pretty chart.

    Have a happy long weekend celebrate the 4th.

  2. HOpe you enjoy your Holiday weekend. I do appreciate the time you spend on your blog (and although I see that you are award and tag free - have left you a gift on my blog)

  3. Happy 4th of July !!

    That sure is a nice chart :)

  4. Ok 1) Thanks for the freebie links

    2) Im coming to your house for diner Blueberry cake and The post below that with all the peppers and potatoes YUMMO :)

    Enjoy your weeknd

  5. Thank you for the adorable freebie link Sue!!! It's too cute!

  6. Hi, My name is Lizette once you left me a comment on my blog lizymorales.blogspot.com well thank you. I also enjoy reading your blog but this is is the first time posting a comment well bye Lizette

  7. Hi Sue! Just saw your blog posted on the 123 Message Board and thought I would say hello! I see that you're from the Rochester area--my sister lives in Victor and my brother in Canandaigua. That sure is a pretty part of NY... Love your blog!


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