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Friday, August 21, 2009


Hi there! My beloved MIL *Katie* left us in April 2009, today would have been her 89th Birthday.

Katie was born in 1920, the same year our 19th Amendment was ratified aka the Women's Right To Vote; a college grad in 1941 with a teaching degree (a time when a woman was, well... politely put *a slave* and women's education was the exception not the rule); a mentor to many; devoted mother of my DH; a fellow stitcher and kindred spirit; the original Prairie Schooler collector from day one and one of the original *Big Shouldered Broads* (a true compliment).

When you finished a thoroughly lovely visit with Katie ~ you knew more, felt better about the world and yourself and never walked away confused. Wish there were more people like her ~ humanitarian, direct, expectant, honorable, gentle, kind and nurturing. While planning our wedding, Katie insisted the napkins be linen, and white, and have needlework, and they did:) I'm glad she insisted, she knew better than me, she was right.

I'd like to share one of the last pieces she stitched. I finished the back for her in a simple drab green wool and handed it back to her (her eyes and hands failing from many years of doing for others). She then handed it back to me.

I miss you every day Katie. Tonight I've made your boy his favorite dinner ~ meatloaf, taters, green beans, all from scratch, even the beanies are from the garden. Don't worry Katie, I'm taking really good care of him and will until it's my turn to leave.

Off to grab a tissue, thanks for your friendship dear friends and for reading this special post...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Aww, that's a lovely post Sue. While you miss her you have the bonus of having known her for many years and shared happy happy times. The piece she stitched is just lovely and a wonderful reminder.

  2. your MIL sounds like a wonderful person. How great for you...you are truly blessed to have had a MIL like that. The pillow is beautiful & what a great rememberance for you!!!!

  3. It sounds like your MIL was a wonderful lady. That is a gorgeous piece she stitched!!

  4. What a sweet posting, Sue... I'm off to grab a tissue myself. Nice to have had such a special relationship with your mother-in-law...

  5. Well I just came down with my face all made up, grabed a cuppa joe and sat down to read blogs. First one I come to in my reader is yours, and had to get up and RUN for a tissue.
    What a wonderful post, not only do I love her name, I love the way you described her. She was a wonderful woman and much loved if her DIL can write such a lovely tribute to her memory. My hope in life is that when I leave this world someone would think of me the way you think of Katie.
    I know she's in glory beaming a beautific smile at you...not only for taking care of her boy, but of remembering her.
    Much love to you...

  6. That was a very lovely post.
    I too have a wonderful MIL. If not for her, I would not have had an actual wedding.
    Goodness, you've now caused a flood of memories of all sorts to rush in.
    Bless the women that have gone before us and bless those that now forge the past to come.

  7. What a lovely remembrance. Heart-warming.

    Her stitching is gorgeous!


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