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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi there dear friends!

What in the world is Stitchin Squash Soup you ask? Nothing special, and certainly NOT what it sounds like, just a quiet day for a finish-finish,
a squash tale and homemade soup:)

Today is a beautiful, sunny, blustery autumnal Sunday of 45 degrees in the NYS Finger Lakes Region. When DH said some soup would be nice, I thought yes, maybe it would! So the pot is simmering and I snapped some pics to share with you all.

La D Da's freebie Alphabet with Hare Sampler, thanks to Lori Markovic for a great stitch. Finished as a wee pillow, 18 ct. Fiddlers front and back, Threadworx 1043, DMC 869 and 3830, stitch count 89 x 89. Was intended as a little extra wedding gift but alas, the little brown hare liked it here so much, he never did leave. You know how that is:)
A couple of days ago I paid a visit to Hardy's Farm Market a few doors down. When Mrs. Hardy heard I hoped for a couple bushels of spaghetti squash, she gave me a banana box and said to fill it for $10.00 ~ WOW, quite a savings! My last count was 14 biggish squash! In store this would have been about a $30.00 purchase. So far, I've baked these for cleaning/bagging and sending to the freezer for the winter months. Mind you, I've about 10 more to do ~ LOL! Oh to have an old fashioned root cellar to squirrel away all those Autumnal goodies from the garden...

Several years ago my dear MIL banished my silly fear of making soup. Am so very glad she did cause this chicky soup is the result of my reckless abandon ~ LOL. It all started with the leftovers from a store bought rotisserie chicken. We really like kale in our soup, that's the green stuff, mmmmmmmmm....
Sincere thx to each and every dear friend for taking the time to visit our little piece of the world, your warm kinship means so much, as do your treasured comments:)

There's DH at the door now, he'll be cold and need some warming. Have a lovely day and Sweet Stitchin...

Tootles, Sue


  1. I can see why it was hard to part with the little brown bunny sampler, Sue--so sweet! And your soup looks amazing--sounds like you're having the same kind of day we are here in PA! Enjoy it :)

  2. ADORABLE FINISH!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!
    And the soup looks wonderful!!! we have been discovering new soups here & oh yum!!!!!!

  3. Cute finish, the soup looks delicious.

  4. Great finish! Soup looks good too!

  5. Love the finish! I would not be able to part with it either!!! The food looks so yummy!!

  6. Darling little hare pillow! It turned out so sweet.

    Mmmm, soup! I think that's the only good thing about the weather turning off cold so early, we can finally cook!

  7. LOVE your pillow finish! Beautiful job Sue!

    hmmmm....soup! Not cold enough here. Still in the 80's:)


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