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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hi there!  Yeppers, I've gone and *hooped* my cookies, and sadly, it would seem this prim stitcher has gone way way way over the edge this time!  Freud might say this seemingly innocent folly is far more revealing than just dreaming of floss and linen:)  Many of you have already tried the Neiman Marcus Choc Chip cookies, today was my turn.  These are by far the best choc chip recipe I've ever tasted, they have a wonderful crumb, dense, gooey and tender on the inside with just the right crispiness on the delicate bottom.  I know, I know ~ every baker has their own special and perfect choc chip cookie recipe, now this one is mine:) 
 Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies
So dear friends, I ask you.... any armchair shrinks out there who care to share a comment on my folly for the day?  Hope this silly post gave at least a couple of you a stitchy giggle ~ pass the milk please...

Tootles and Sweet Stitchin, Sue


  1. Cookies!! Wow, yummiiiii :o)

  2. Glad I inspired you to try this recipe... it really is a great recipe

    Have a good day!

  3. Great....now I have the sudden urge to bake cookies!

  4. I was given that recipe years ago by a friend and it is by far one of my favorite cookie recipes! I also have one for chocolate chip cookies that has a small box of vanilla pudding in the mix. It keeps them soft and chewy and you can substitute chocolate pudding mix to make them doubly delicious! Ohhhh... now I want to bake something...
    I have to admit I've never "hooped" my cookies. You continue to crack me up!!!

  5. They look really yummy Sue, it's a while since I've made any cookies but I might be tempted to try these. hugs Sue xx

  6. Me want cookie!!! If I hadn't just baked a tray of chicken breast for chicken salad, made Arroz Con Pollo and waiting for the apple pie to come out of the oven I would go bake these. Maybe tomorrow.

  7. That is the best recipe! It's so special, I usually only make them at Christmas.

  8. Well, well, I just ate the last cranberry-oatmeal cookie yesterday, so your recipe has appeared at a very opportune time. Think I might surprise DH when he gets home tonight with some, Sue--they look yummy :)

  9. We discovered that recipe years ago thanks to a good friend. I do think they're the best!

  10. Hey Sue ... good lookin' cookies you got there! Pretty berry scissor fob too - lovely.

    Enjoy that chicken recipe ... oh MY I'm still thinking about it. Twas gooder than good!!!


  11. yummy cookies! I better admired it at a distance for now as i am gaining quite....
    Hope your week starts well.

  12. Oh I've baked those cookies before. It has been years... but you are right! THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOOODDDD! ;)




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