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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hi there!  Maybe you vaguely recall my last post about HDF 10 for $12.50?  Here's my selection of 10 silks, came yesterday on a cold and very wet day.  Stitchy mail makes even a drizzly day sunny, don't you think?
 A snap of today's newly acquired stash:
Weeks 35 ct. linen *Straw* ~ lovely *go to often* color,
would have very happily taken a whole yard but.... yikes!
GAST ~ Heirloom Gold
Prim Scissors ~ patiently waited for a free ship offer,
now they're mine ~ yay!

And now the sizzle...  last stop today was the framers, my first sampler finish on linen:
This closeup is the true color of  the linen.
Like the frame?
A pretty good match for that folky look.
Welcome Home GH Sparrow's Song

Wouldn't it be oh so nice if every day was a stash day!!!  Well, a girl can dream...

Wishing each of you a sweet stitchy evening!  My always grateful thanks for visiting dear friends:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. I love your newly finished and framed piece. I need to acquire that chart sometime soon. fits in with my style stitching and colors match my house.Congrats on a nice finish and on linen,that is awesome.I dabble in linen from time to time , but prefer evenweave 25 ct or 28 ct.Whatcha planning on stitching next? Love you floss picks too.

  2. Beautiful stash -- and lovely lovely framed finish!

  3. wow! those threads and such lovely color. The framed you chose for the design looks great, love it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week despite of the wet weather.

  4. I was thinking about checking out the threads.....didnt when you posted the first time, but I am now~~ Thanks for showing those colors!! Faye

  5. Love the Sparrow....a friend let me borrow her chart and I really need to start this one! So pretty.

    I just got some 30 ct Weeks 'Straw" this weekend and just love the color!!! I can't make up my mind what to stitch on it...decisions, decisions.

  6. Sue--it looks just wonderful! Aren't you proud of yourself for trying the linen (are you hooked yet)? The frame is a perfect complement to your lovely stitching. I'll bet it looks just great in your home :)

  7. Oh how I need to find this chart and stitch it! I LOVE it and your frame choice is JUST perfect!! WOW!!

  8. Hi Sue,

    Just discovered your blog and have
    had fun browsing through it and
    getting to know you a wee bit.

    Wow! Those threads from Vikki
    Clayton are gorgeous!! You've
    made some great choices there.
    Love the Weeks "Straw" linen too
    and have made a mental note of
    it for my own future reference.

    GH Sparrow's Song is just so
    pretty, and your stitching is
    perfect. And so is your choice
    of frame for this new treasure
    to add to your home. I like
    the change you made to the color
    of the flowers. I've never seen
    this design before and seeing it
    as stitched by you was a nice
    introduction to it.


  9. everything looks great Sue! That frame is so pretty! Love it.
    Love your finish & your new stash! Enjoy!!!

  10. Ohhh, I LOVE your finished sampler! The frame looks perfect with the fabric and your wonderful stitching!
    The colors of the threads are adorable and I bet they look lovely when you stitch your projects.
    Hugs, Margit

  11. Isn't it fun to pick up a framed piece! I love your sampler and the frame is a perfect compliment for it.

    Love all your threads too. The perfect thing to receive in the mail on a drab day!

  12. Congrats on your finish! The frame is perfect.

    Love all the new color threads too.

  13. Sue, Love your new stash, thread colors are wonderful. I'm so glad you tried linen. Your framed project is awesome. A pat on your back for a job well done.

  14. Sue, wow!! That frame is just perfect for the design. Great choice! Nice new stash!

  15. Getting around to a bit blogging reading today and I'm so glad that I made a stop here. Your Sparrow's Song is soooo pretty, Sue! And what an awesome frame! You have great taste!


  16. Beautiful stitching and the frame is perfect.
    Your scissor is very nice. I have never seen such a scissor in germany.

  17. OMG I love those scissors!!! Can you tell me where can I order from, please??
    I also adore the silks!! :)


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