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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hi there dear friends and a glorious Easter Sunday to you!  Can I just share that it's been my profound pleasure to befriend each of you over the last year or so,  I am profoundly grateful for your kinship and I thank you...

Easter decorating ~ When possible I try to focus on selecting prim collectibles and antiques we have in home, rather than purchasing new.  Here's my WIP ~ likely to change as does the wind.  Sorry for the poor lighting.  It's a bit barren, lacks a few grubby carrots, but happily I discovered a couple of great tutorials for prim carrots.  I'll enjoy the project and get them done for next year:)

Baked a few loaves of Choc Chunk Banana Bread ~ several for hostess gifts and for our freezer. 
And of course, a special stitchy friend deserves nothing less than a stitchy loaf ~ lol!

Thanks for taking the time to visit, wishing you a day filled with Easter love, family and sweet stitchin....

Tootles, Sue


  1. Happy Easter to you and yours! The bread look delicious!

  2. Happy Easter and happy holidays to you and your family.

    Best wishes, Marion

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at that banana bread! YUM!

    Happy Easter, Sue!

  4. your bread looks wonderful & I love the idea of putting a stitched piece on it!!!!!! Might have to use that one!!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Those loaves of Choc Chunk Banana Bread looks YUMMY!!

  6. Hope you had a nice Easter, Sue--your little bunnies are darling. That black one looks like he would love to eat some of your yummy looking bread :)

  7. A pretty Easter display and deliciously gorgeous looking loaves of sweet bread too...YUM!

  8. Looks yummy!

    Happy Easter, Sue!

  9. *smile* What a fantastic idea to wrap it up with a stitching paper! I hope you made enough cakes ;)

  10. Hello Sue,

    Your stitchy loaf is the PERFECT gift for a stitchy friend.


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