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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hi there friends! 

Have any of you felt that feeling?  No, no ~ not that ho-hum~pleasurable~fuzzy-wuzzy~I'm stitchin feeling.

You know ~ the one that doesn't always happen... that feeling after your first few rows of stitches... your heart sings with jubilation!

Please allow me to introduce you to my first Quaker!  Design, linen and floss ~ it's coming together exactly as I envisioned:)  I'm more amazed than anything~LOL!

Think back, when you were little... maybe you knew an older neighbor lady who had *that green* in her home.  Her house would have been one of the biggest houses on the street, Victorian of course and bright white.  Her verrrry long and elegant front porch would have been lush with billowing Boston ferns that hung and gently swayed in between the thick, ornate columns.  She would have had *that green* in her home, maybe her sofa or chair.  You couldn't really tell if it was green... or olive... or tan... or gold... or light brown!  That's the color floss I've chosen, rich and elegant looking, so much prettier than a camera can capture. 
La D Da ~ Quaker Alphabet
WDW 35 ct. linen ~ Straw
WDW floss ~ Palomino

Oh, and I noticed the newest stock of WDW floss tags now say *colorfast*.  Good to know!

Thanks so much for reading along and for your oh~so~nice comments on our latest auction finds from last weekend!  Hope you're enjoying a good stitch yourself:)

Tootles, Sue



  1. Very pretty so far. Oddly enough, olive/mossy green is one of my favorites.

  2. Love it! That floss and fabric is gorgeous!

  3. That floss color is very pretty and I love the way it looks with the fabric.

  4. That house sounds exactly like the one across the street from my childhood home, Sue! Unfortunately, I never saw the inside of it to see if "that color" was there :)

    Your WIP looks like a fun stitch--very nice color choice, too!

  5. I WISH TO LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THIS! *bigsmile* Ok Margit, wake up!!!
    I bet your quaker with that wonderful color will turn out very lovely!
    Hurray, WDW is colorfast now! Thanks for the wonderful new.
    PS: Cannot wait to see your progress!

  6. Good start on your new project, Sue. Nice color too.

  7. Love your start and especially love the color. I'm glad to hear that those threads are now colorfast. I ran into a couple problems with them before!

  8. lovely quaker to start with. I love quakers. Once you stitch a quaker, you will want to stitch more and more.lol

  9. I love Palomino! It's such a classy color. I loooove it when 'that feeling' happens. I love all my stitching projects, but when I get a WIP that just makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning so that I can get stitching--you can't beat that.

  10. A good start with a wonderful colour. And yes, I know that feeling of doing something for the frist time. I felt like that when I started piecing my first little quilt.
    Good to know that WDW offer colourfast threads now.

  11. Oh I do love your choice of fabric and fiber. This one is in my "todo" basket and you have me wishing I was working on it. Can't wait to see more progress. :o)


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