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Monday, May 17, 2010


Sunday afternoon, all is calm and sunny, then DH hollers from the garage *Honey~I got you something*!  My mind raced ~ Flowers?  Chocolates?  Silk?  Noooo, I turned from my monitor and he offered up this cute 'lil guy!  He was so pretty, about the size of a slice of white bread, but what looong claws he has.  Looks like he's a bit of a scrapper 'cause there's a chunk missing from his underside.  No fear, he's been returned to his pond to rejoin his like-minded slow pokes, let's hope stays out of the road this time and behaves himself:)  This rescue behavior is typical of my very sweet and gentle DH, who only once very quietly admitted *I like most animals more... than most people*.  Sounds like a man who truly knows himself, don't you think?

Has your DH ever brought something home that was a little different?

Tootles, Sue



  1. I'm the animal rescuer in our family, but...my husband rescued me and my son when our prospects were very dim. Poor man now has two mutts to look after (us).

  2. That's so sweet of your hubby. He sounds like a very sweet guy. The little turtle -- so neat! We have lots of them around us too.

  3. That was so nice of your husband! He does sound like a really sweet guy.

  4. Ohhh Sue, you have such a darling husband!!! That is sooo very sweet of him that he saved the little turtle. You are very lucky to have a man like this! :)))

  5. What a sweetie ~ your DH! It's a beautiful painted turtle he found.

    My dad once brought me home a mole in a bucket of dirt. Does that count?

  6. After all the recent rains here, I've seen dozens of turtles on the road. Unfortunately, they have all been at a spot where it wasn't safe for me to pull over & transport the critters to the other side of the road. :( I'm glad to see your DH has saved one.

    :) Betty


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