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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hi there dear friends, thanks for your kind comments about Pamela's Pin Pillow on my last post, it's nice to have reassurance from like minded spirits and make a new friend every so often:)  Thanks to those of you who are new followers, it's really nice to meet you!

So... to be completely honest ~ I've had the stitchy blues the last week or so, which is a first for me, ever!  I'd become forlorn about my stitches being crushed by my hoop on my La D Da WIP, sniff~sniff:(

With a helping hand from Nicole of Nicole's Needlework HERE , I decided to try a scroll frame for the first time.  Nicole's stitches are always so very pristine that it's hard to believe a human hand laid them.  I hoped there was a better way for me to tackle this new stitchy hurdle, but felt completely lost on how to proceed.  As Nicole suggested, I used a 40% off coupon off at Michaels, brought this scroll frame home and loaded her up.  As you can see, this project is near completion, and I now have more confidence to happily anticipate my next few projects.  I think I'll even name my new frame *Fanny*, cause the rods and side rails have little slits in them ~ LOL!  Plus, I always fancied the name Fanny:)  If you're reading this Nicole, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your kindness!

La D Da Quaker Alphabet
WDW 35 ct. linen ~ Straw 
WDW Palomino, 2 over 2

Another dear blogger Barbara in Orlando HERE RAOK little old me with beautiful floss I've never tried.  We both have an uncontrollable and unexplainable penchant for red, every red, all the reds, LOVE THE REDS!!!  A lovely skein of DMC Floche (new to me), it's very very silky.  The Mandarin Bamboo floss I've seen but was afraid to touch/try, it's oh so soft and vewy vewy  tempting.  It's a miracle we stitchers ever get anything done with so many wonderful fiber choices.  Barbara, your gracious generosity exceeds your fine needle and finishing skills, your gift of friendship couldn't have come at a better time to lift me from the stitchy blues ~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

So there we have it, two examples of gracious and advanced stitchers who may not even realize that they're mentors to some of the rest of us...

There, I feel better now, think I'll go make a cheesecake, baking always soothes my rattled nerves:)

If you've ever had the stitchy blues, do share ~ why and what brought you out of your funk?

Tootles, Sue


  1. so, how are you liking the frame/?? I have one that I have never gotten the hang of using!!! Tips, suggestions!?!?!! I am open for listening!!!

  2. I bought a "fanny" this week also! I do like it for larger projects. Love your projects.
    I had the stitching/project blues for a few years. Thank goodness for blogs...that motivated me to start back. Now I miss the years I could have stitched and didn't. But, no crying in stitching.

  3. Hello Sue! I hope the scroll frame works for you. Let me know how you like it after stitching on it for a while. I have one but found something else that I prefer. It's called a "Rod 'N Roll". They make them in all different sizes. There's a website...rodnroll.com on the package.
    Your work is gorgeous as usual!
    Keep on stitchin'

  4. I've used a frame for years and just love them. I'm glad that Nicole helped you out and that you like them. I don't think I could go back to in hand stitching again. Your Quaker Alphabet looks right at home on that scroll rod and your stitching looks wonderful too.

    That looks like wonderful floss. I love the color red. You'll have to let us know what you think of it when you stitch something with it.

    And I'm going through a real slump too - nothing appeals to me. This doesn't happen to me very often and it makes me sad. I'm hoping that it's just the warmer weather and longer days that is doing it. Perhaps I should poke around in stash for something new - or bake a cheesecake - that sounds really good.

  5. I hope your stitchy blues go away soon. It's a bummer! Hope the scroll frame works well for you -- love the La D Da piece! And that floss -- yummy red!

    I was feeling a bit of stitchy blues earlier, until I started working on my latest project. Sometimes I think just having the right project that inspires helps, sometimes a good audiobook.

  6. Hey, I have the exact same frame, Sue--bought it over a year ago and, would you believe, have never opened!! I love stitching in hand and I just don't know if I could get the hang of learning to use a frame. I really should give it a try, though...

    What gets me through a slump is stitching and finishing a small ornament or pillow or just looking through my stash for inspiration. We all have slumps and I know that I just don't stitch as much in the warmer months as I do in the fall/winter.

    Hope your cheesecake was yummy!

  7. You are quite welcome Sue. I'll be looking out for the project you use the "reds" on. Have fun!!!!

  8. Hi Sue.
    That scoll frame looks real good and easy to handle. ...and your La-Di-Da Quaker looks lovely on it. Wonderful design and the color of your thread is perfect for it!
    Yes, red is always a nice color! I love it also *smile*.

  9. I've got the blues, too! I think it's the season, distractions, and also that I just heard for certain that my exchange is lost making a re-stitch necessary!

    This looks great on the frame--love the Palomino!


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