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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi there dear friends!  Thanks for your on and off blog input on the topic of hoops, scroll frames and Q-snaps, I'm enjoying muddling my way through the options.
Since the summer sun is beaming it's picture time.  Even as adults we all have *Firsts* in our lives don't we ~ lol!   Here's a quick reveal of one of my firsts, still need to add initials/year, will frame it shortly.  I feel like a kid saying this, but it's so true:)  Was hoping for a faded, easy on the eye, old timey feeling with this color palette, will be a nice addition to our home.

La D Da ~ Quaker Alphabet 2007
WDW 35 ct linen ~ Straw
Floss ~ WDW Palomino, 2 over 2, approx 6 skeins
Stitch Count 110 x 138
Start  5-4-10
Finish 6-6-10
Very warm thanks to Gale in N.C. over at 123 who graciously offered a skein of older floss, stitchers are the most compassionate souls...

Oh, I started a new small, take a gander at my sidebar if you like (there's a new section for WIP).

FYI ~ Did anyone notice HDF has introduced a new line of silk flosses called *Primitive Barn*, luscious red, rust, blue, green and brown, it's only a few colors but they're nice and prim ~ they're on her home page!

On another note, I'm kind of unexpectedly surprised and delighted.  I picked up *Thread Heaven* which I've heard about, but always pooh-poohed it cause I didn't want an additive on my floss ~ thinking the old way is always the best way.  But... I find it keeps stitches from excessive fuzzing and adds a richer appearance to the floss (at least to me), the stitches just look more pleasing with Thread Heaven.  I like it (so far).  I've not yet tried it on silk floss, only cotton.  Anyone have any thoughts to share about Thread Heaven? 

It's been swell of you to stop in, plz do come again when you can stay for cheesecake:)
Tootles, Sue


  1. Love your big Quaker, Sue! It's gorgeous!!! I've recently been bitten by the Quaker bug and can't seem to stop stitching them.


  2. Your Quaker looks great! I stitched this one last year and loved every minute of it! I actually used similar color - but stitched the initial of my last name in a darker color so it stood out a little.

    I might have to give Thread Heaven a try!

  3. Love it, it is gorgeous!!


    Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a great finish!! Congrats!!

  5. Love your finish! Such pretty colors! I've only used Thread Heaven a tiny bit, and only on sewing thread. You'll have to keep us posted on what you think about it.

  6. Very pretty! What a nice quaker this is for the home. :)

  7. like it very much!

  8. The quaker looks lovely Sue. Congrats on the finish! I hope you are having a good week.

  9. Your Quaker looks wonderful Sue. I think you picked the perfect color to stitch it!

  10. Looks wonderful ~ I'm stitching this one, too! Might take me another month to finish at the rate I'm going.

  11. I've never stitched a Quaker, Sue, but after seeing yours, I'm tempted! You did a wonderful job on it and I'm sure it will look perfect in your home...

    Have Thread Heaven, but only use it for the rare occasions that I use those shiny blending threads... Glad it is working well for you!

    Please send the sunshine south--it is a miserable, rainy day today. Good day to sit and stitch, I think!!

  12. Gorgeous finish! I love it!

  13. Ohhh Sue, I am speechless! This quaker is adorable!!!

  14. Super cute finish, Sue! Great job.


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