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Monday, June 28, 2010


Hi there Dear Friends! 

Oh no, not me again, I must really get out more~lol!  Please won't you meet our old red painted cupboard, sits on the floor in the living room, next to a chair, DH uses it for his filing cabinet.  The plants love it, but the bare top was screaming for attention.

So, I added a perfect sized black stool I had around (weird I know but I'm tryin to expand my decorating deficient pea brain) and put back the plants, a few days pass... still screaming at me. 

The other morning I woke with a wild hair and simply had to have something on the bare top.  I'm not very crafty, can sew well and stitch basic cross stitch, but really enjoy trying new to me needle skills, so I pulled out a piece of wool felt, cut it to size and finished the edge with blanket stitches ~ 160 of them!  I've done this stitch before on plant coasters, they were ok.  Yeah I know, this mat is very crude, no backing or pretty pennies or colorful applique or fine embroidery, just plain, but it serves its' purpose, for now...

The stitches kind of look like they've been stitched by a serious finisher don't they, even the corners aren't too bad ~ thanks to this handy measuring gauge from Michaels quilting dept., does dual duty, the flip side also has measurements, what a super tool!  Anyone else have one of these babies?

Thankfully that wild hair is gone, here's my results ~ the mat, a little grouping, on top of the cupboard, under the stool with plants, whew ~ lol.

I'm itching I tell you, itchin to try a longish narrow penny rug for a window sill that needs some prettying up, something soft, pale and creamy colored...

Can I also please add I've been trying to make contact with *Bluejean Primitives* who hand crafts the most exquisite prim penny rugs and mats, just want to know if she is still selling and where I can see her goodies.  Sadly, I can't reach her.  Jean if you're out there, can you please give me a holler?

Thx for indulging my teeny tiny wee little triumph, Sweet Stitchin to You!

Tootles, Sue


  1. Hi Sue.
    You did an outstanding even job on the stitching!!! I still cannot believe how good it came out. Just wonderful!!!

  2. Good going! Love those blanket-stitched penny rugs! :D

    Very sweet tableau you've set up there.

  3. It's amazing what we can come up with things that are around the house. The mat you made adds just the perfect touch.

  4. I think your blanket stitch looks fab. Great job.

  5. Cool Jiggy. I would have no idea how to use it - but it looks interesting. No Michaels here to find such items. Just thinking now that it would be a useful thing - might have to go see if I can find something similar at the local patchwork shoppe!
    Great little table topper too!

  6. Great job!!!! I too have been wanting to stitch a Penny rug for some time. Maybe I will for my Thanksgiving table......and maybe not for the messy table but instead for my desk. :)


  7. Blanket stitch?? *GROAN* Don't know that I've ever done that one...must learn it. Yours is gorgeous! You are so creative!
    Just lovely!!
    ~~Peggy Lee

  8. What a nice, soft resting place you've created for all of your stitching needs, Sue. Great job on the blanket stitch--I may have to check out that little gadget at my local Michaels. Love your little stitched bird, too :)

  9. Your blanket stitches are so neat! I need to get that cool tool to help me keep mine uniform. I sent you an email regarding penny rugs...

  10. Oooh I like the little display, very creative!

  11. Sue, wow!!! You did an amazing job--very creative.


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