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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi there dear friends!  Belinda over at Blue Ribbon Designs drew my name as a runner up for her recent giveaway ~ swoon! I've been collecting Belinda's designs forever and am ever so grateful to find her sweet package in the mail, a tool pouch made by her own two little hands:)  She also included her SYHO chart with a sweet message too!  I ask you ~ what more could a girl want!  Thank you for your generosity Belinda, I treasure your thoughtfulness and am grateful you share your designs with all of us...

Spent time in the garden this morn, bless my DFIL Mike who at 89 continues to till the soil so we may reap a bountiful harvest from his garden, I love and adore him more and more each day, more than words can say...

There's something very special about our Aunts, isn't there?  We don't get to choose them, we just get them, and they love us like their own children, at least mine have.  Farewell sweet Aunt Peggy ~ task master, good deeder, secret keeper, valiant in spirit, loving beyond obligation, supporter of womankind, you'll be missed by many.  I'm a better person for knowing you and grateful for your gentle leadership all of my 51 years, may you soar with the angels...

Sniff sniff... now where's that tissue box...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Congrats on your win!! Great garden goodies - and what a handsome helper!

  2. Yes a very handsome helper indeed!

    Aunt Peggy sounds like she was a sweet soul.

  3. Wonderful win -- lucky you! Love your handsome helper too! And your Aunt Peggy -- I know you'll miss her lots.

  4. Beautiful pouch and produce, Sue! You were very lucky to have had such a close relationship with Aunt Peggy--wish we could all be that lucky! I'm sure you'll always cherish your memories of times spent with her...

  5. Oh Sue - I am so glad you liked your little gift! I had a ton of fun making the pouches.

    ...and your produce looks fabulous - I am green with envy - I need more hours in the day, so I can garden!

  6. Congrats on the win! Your garden helper sounds like a great guy. Aunt Peggy sounds like she was a wonderful woman. You have been blessed!

  7. Congratulations on your win !! Beautiful veggies from your garden.... I think it pays to have your own garden these days, doesn't it? Specially if you have such a great helper !!

  8. I found you blog and joined it. I love the beautiful looking garden
    veggies, yummy.

    Your FIL has alot of energy, I need him to come over and till over garden next year he doesn't look his age at all.
    I also love what you won, lucky girl!

    Pkease stop on by my blog and say HI!!

    Prim Blessings,

  9. Ohhh Sue, I am very sorry about your aunt Peggy! But you never know, maybe she is in a better place now and she can watch over you!

    CONGRATULATIONS for your lovely win! I am doing the happy dance for you if you want. ;)

    Thanks a lot for the cute freebie from your previous post!



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