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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~ Lots to Share - LOTS ~

Hi there dear friends, long post/pic heavy ~ seems like forever since my last post, but I've been following all your blogs and really enjoying the time spent!

Sincere Thanks  ~ To Mary Kathryn of The Stitching Room blog for the skein of Belle Soie *Marigold* which I didn't even know I'd won  over at her blog.

Sincere Thanks ~ To Edgar of Blacksheep's bit of the Web who gifted me a skein of *Moss* Belle Soie.  I've never seen this floss in person, it's sooo soft, I'm very grateful to each of you:)  And don't you all agree two is better than one ~ LOL!

Sincere Thanks ~ to Marjorie M. over at 123 who RAK'd me with a small fallish chart from a 1997 magazine that I've been searching for a very looooong time, WOW! Marjorie, if you see this will you please email me so I can locate your blog or can someone plz send me a link if they know her blog?

Sincere Thanks ~ to Cathy at Cath's Pennies Designs for her wonderful wool Festive Snowman candle mat which I won on her blog during her Christmas in July giveaway, yes ~ I'm still shocked.  Her finish is truly a work of fiber art.  Cath's own design, all wool and quite heavy, each stitch expertly crafted, it's really more beautiful than a camera can capture, have a peek at Cath's lovely stitches!  Missy, Stephanie and Carol ~ you girls ROCK xoxo ~ sweet thx for mentioning me over at Cath's blog and allowing me to enter her generous giveaway!

WOOLLY ~ I've been doing a little wool work, more collecting of delicious overdyed/mottled wools, lookie here, this is about a month of stashing, with more to come.

WHAT NOTS  ~ As a diversion from my La D Da WIP, I whipped up these sweet woolly pinkeep pillows to experiment with templates, applique technique and well...  just because, you know how it is:)  They're not perfect, but made by me...  

MEXICAN SUNFLOWER ~ This was gonna be a pinkeep, but since it turned out kinda nice (my free hand design), so it's joining some other prim chair pillows.

CDB ~ We saw Charlie Daniels last week, wow ~ at 73 he still puts on a great show!  Nasty heavy rain storm, but we really wanted to see Charlie before he couldn't tour anymore, so glad we tuffed it out:)

THRIFTY ~ Now I ask ~ for the grand price of $2.00 ~ who of us would leave behind this great mantle clock at the thrift store?  I knew I'd have to find a perfect place for it, even keeps perfect time!

KNOT THIS ~ Look... came off the DMC skein like this!  Anyone ever seen this before? 

DOOR BUSTER ~ Ott Lites on sale at Jo-Ann's this week, huge savings on this new model floor lamp called Hyde Park, orig. price $149.99, on sale half off $74.99, so you know I had to bust down their door first thing Sunday morning ~ LOL.  It's perfect for our post & beam decor and much brighter than my first Ott Lite, happy~happy! 
HE-MAN ~ This past weekend my He-Man came in from a long day in the woods taking down trees, and was greeted with these!  Nutella ~ good on everything, real good!  I'll be making these more often and switching around the fillings and toppings from sweet to savory.


A CRAPPY DAY ~ Today I flushed $75. down the toilet... There I am first thing this morning, huge office building for an appointment, had to tinkle, as I turned around, reached for and leaned on the handle to flush, my key chain slipped from my pants pocket, into the bowl and down the shoot, while the super flush suction thingy is sucking like the vortex of a major twister ~ bye-bye keys and ~sob ~ Jeep fob.  No time to even try to reach into the bowl, I mean they were G O N E!  Good thing for spare car key in wallet.  When the nice mechanic at the dealer replaced the fob this afternoon, he said it was the crappiest thing he'd ever heard ~ LOL! 

A H H H H  ~ My day was all around pretty sad, so this is where I'm headed right now, my favorite summer sheets, laden with extra wide embroidered trim, all fancy schmancey, hard to find sheets like these  ~ just love 'em...

Whew, if you're still reading, you must be exhausted and yawning, I thank you for indulging and nighty-night...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Love Charlie Daniels! Man he's good.
    What a great find at the thrift store!
    So sorry about your keys. That STINKS! :)
    Those sheets remind me of a set of sheets my grandmother had. When I would spend the night at her house she would take them out of her cedar chest for me to sleep on. They felt so soft and cool and smelled good too!

    Enjoyed your post.

  2. What a fun post! So nice with the various wins and RAKs and stuff. Love love love your woolies and all the projects you've made with them. Just gorgeous! Cool about seeing Charlie Daniels -- and that clock can't be beat! Working too! I've never seen a skein of DMC like that -- totally bizarre! Love your doorbuster Ott lite! Pretty model -- I didn't know they had a new model! What a bummer about your keys down the toilet! Ugh!!!! I think bed is the best place to be after a day like yours. :D

  3. Yes I read your post all the way through.. LOL Love those Wools. I need to get me a OTT light. I will have to check Jo Anne's.

  4. Oh Sue, how can an "old girl" like me remember everything that you wrote in this post, to apply to everything *bigsmile*?
    I like everything that you got from all the nice and thoughtful stitchers.
    Your felt/woll-work is amazing!!! You've done a phantastic job on it!
    Yes, Nutella is it!!!
    I like all the goodies that you bought also.
    OMG on your keys! I am sorry, but I have to laugh. I believe that this could happen to everybody. Most likely me, grrr!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. A lovely post Sue and certainly a lot to share, sorry to read how you lost your keys but it did bring a smile to my face. Those pancakes look yummy and I am so envious of your bedding, it is beautiful....Sue x

  6. Sue, would you believe the same exact thing happened to my son with his keys in the toilet his first year at college. Of course, we blamed it on him being drunk or something--I'll have to call him and apologize :)

    Love your new Ott lite--it will look perfect in your home. And how cute is the little snowman mat--you can have that out all winter!

    Your little wooly pinkeeps and sunflower pillow are very sweet, Sue--love the colors and different shapes and sizes!

    Hope you're staying cool and that your weekend is a good one :)

  7. Hi Sue, you should be able to access my blog/e-mail from my profile. I love your little wool pin pillows, and the clock too!

  8. Great post, Sue. Enjoyed reading it.

  9. I am drooling ALL OVER your lovely basket of wools and those absolutely darling wooly pinkeep pillows!

    So sorry about your keys!

  10. OMG what a way to lose your keys, Sue. I'd be cracking up if it didn't suck so much. Well, maybe I am grinning a little!

    I have come across knotted floss every once in a while but not very often. This is most annoying because I cut all my floss to length the first thing.


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