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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi there!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my La D Da finish, does a heart good:)

Is everybody in the snowbelt keeping warm and toasty?  We got our first snow, here's views from the loft and living room, pretty even if it's bitter cold out there:)


Finishes:  Does anyone else find that stitchin a Christmas piece helps get one in the holiday spirit?  Here's a few cupboard tucks and ornie finally finished this week (worked them in January).  The two on top are quite large, I do like the third one down, kinda Quakerish and tone on tone, very drab, just the way I like 'em:)

Stash Report:  2 balls of lovely Presencia variegated thread for prim blanket stitches, more silk slub for uneven prim stitchin, nice big piece of Sassy's 32 ct Golden Promise~love it, and from Hugs and Stitches (super fast and very sweet service) a nice bunch of Sweet Annie for tucking here and there, along with my first purchase of walnut crystals for distressing, tried it today on the large tuck above, was snow white, painted/spattered/baked, now very prim.

Folky Finds: my brother found this slat from an old crate and saved it for me, I've trained him well ~ yes?  Any  suggestions on how to tastefully display this greatly appreciated ~ lol!  And this old basket found at thrift store for 25 cents, love the wonky handle.  We have probably 30 baskets around the house, mostly above the kitchen cupboards, people ask what we do with them all, truthfully we use them and often!

Pretty Stuff:  pic from '08, for you Christmas cactus lovers ~ bloomin lovely...


Sweet Stuff:  can you guess what flavor this pie is?

Oh so easy Pineapple Pie.
If anyone would like the recipe, I'm happy to share, just ask.
Get yourself a bottom crust and 1 large can of crushed pineapple,
the rest is likely in your pantry.

Well, that's it for sharing, thank you for taking the time to read along, especially during the hectic holidays.  I hope this post will keep this stitcher in your good graces til my next post:)

Don't forget to treat yourself to something sweet this holiday season!  

Tootles and Sweet Holiday Stitchin...



  1. Lovely snow fall. I like snow as long as I don't have to leave the house!

    Beautiful Christmas finishes! I really like the 2nd one down...who is the designer?

  2. Sweet Sue...so good to "see" you again.
    I too like the third one down the best.
    Tastefully, you say? The only thing that comes to mind is displaying it next to a shoe mat with a pair of vintage-looking rubber boots or "rubbers". I remember my grandmother's 4th husband who was born in 1900 always put what he called his rubbers on before going outside in the wet weather. It wasn't such a bad thing back in those days.
    Masterchief has his own bathroom and I could probably get away with displaying it there! *tee-hee*
    I would love to have the pie recipe if you could find a moment.
    Have a very blessed weekend!

  3. What a fabulous view to sit and look at while stitching - all day!!

    Love all your stitches!! My eye goes to the third one down as well!

    If I had a spot where my boys would store their boots nicely in a row, I would hang that slat there.

    I'd love to have that recipe - it looks yummy!!!

  4. I'm so jealous ~ y'all have snow!!! Your Christmas cactus's are gorgeous ~ my attack cat ate mine...

    Regarding your Christmas finishes, who are the designers? Would love to find those patterns!! I love the Quaker one, too!

  5. Love the pillows. The pie looks yummy

  6. Don't you love to sit inside and stitch while it's snowing, Sue? One of my favorite things! Your view is so pretty--I do love those rolling hills up your way...

    Great looking pillow, cacti, and pie. Never heard of Sweet Annie before so I googled it--sounds very nice for sachets, closets, etc.

    Have a great weekend (what's left of it!)...

  7. The snow fall looks so pretty! Love all your christmas finishes too. The walnut ink really made the pillow look prim. That pineapple pie looks yum!

  8. What beautiful snow pics, and Christmas finishes! They're all lovely.

    Great find by your brother! In Ireland, erasers (like pencil erasers) are called rubbers. Just a little trivia tidbit...

    I love your Christmas cacti!

  9. Ok, I am really love, love, Lovin your prim Christmas pillows! I too would love to know the designers and your threads, pretty please!?!?

  10. Love your Christmas stitchery bits. I really do need to do some Christmas stitching. The pie looks yumm. x

  11. Lovely snowy pictures. As long as I don't have to drive on it, snow is OK, lol.
    Your Christmas finishes are so beautiful, it's such a nice collection.
    And oh, I'd love to have a piece of that pineapple pie, it looks sooooo tasty.

  12. Beautiful snow especially as see through the trees. Love the Christmas' also......Nancy

  13. Lovely Christmas pillows!!

  14. Simply lovely, I like it so much!

  15. Still catching up on blog reading. lol! Oh those Christmas cactuses! Wow! Love your stitching -- so pretty, and perfect Christmas too! Ah the snow. lol! Bleagh! Thanks so much for the invite next time I'm up. I was wondering about LNS's up there. :D Take care in that snow. You must be a pro at it! Don't know how you do it.

  16. That snow is coming to my house very soon!!! That pie looks delish. I would love the recipe. My mom used to make a pineapple pie. Thanks for sharing

  17. The snow is so pretty outside that window. I wouldn't mind seeing it so much if I had a window like that to look out of. ;D
    Your stitched pillows are awesome!
    I like them all!!
    Christmas blessings to you all~ Birgit


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