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Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ TODAY IS... ~

... National Pie Day, yep - Sunday January 23rd, playoff day, and I almost missed it, shame on me.

Pie is very... well... popular, that's a fact.  Don't think so?  Log into your local library website, enter keyword *pie* and see what happens. 

Honestly, this was the last book I read, just last month, a good story and very sweet:)

This is one of my many pie books, was on my Christmas wish list in 1992, golly, how pitiful that I still remember such a trivial thing!  Bet Martha wished she knew then, what she knows now:)  Yep, I'm pie helpless:)

If you're like me you bake pies, give pies, buy pies, eat pies, freeze pies, hide pies, offer pies in bribery, curse pie calories, collect pie cookbooks,  read pie novels, visit all places pie and ~S W O O N~ LOVE PIE!  Seriously, isn't life worth enjoying a pie once in a while?

Here's a couple of mine from previous posts, Tomato and Pineapple... 

My forever favorite is my Dad's Grape Pie made with Finger Lakes grapes and loaded with sugar, my next favorite is my Aunt Barbie's Chocolate Cream Pie, it's the real kind-not from pudding mix, bleeeech!

What's your hot diggity dog favorite pie?  The one that makes you weak in the knees, your temples pulse,
your glands salivate, the one that makes you drive for miles just for a sliver and gives you the BIG YUM.....

Pie have taken a real beating over the years, health-wise.  So come on, don't be shy, you know you wanna profess your pie preference ~ leave your comment, blog about it, share a pie with someone you love, just PROCLAIM YOUR PIE!

Then, we'll have a 'lil quiz about which blogger favors which pie, sound good?  LOL!

Tootles,  Sue ;=)


  1. I'm suddenly hungry for pie! I'm not a fan of picking favorites, so I guess I love all sorts of pie - especially if it is homemade from the crust up!

  2. Oh wow! Tomato pie! Interesting! I love pie. I love pecan pie. But I also learned how to make an apple onion pie once that was delicious -- I think it had boiled eggs in it as well. I have to try to remember how to make that one.....

  3. Darl chocolate cream pie. It makes me weak in the knees. LOL

  4. CHERRY PIE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! And I get to make one soon........my son will be home from A-stan & cherry is his favorite too!!!!!

  5. Love pie...heard it's becoming more popular than cupcakes. People are even having pie instead of wedding cake!!

  6. Pumpkin pie, hands down! And around here, Pie day is March 14. (3.14 - get it?)

  7. Very interesting - I didn't even know there was a National Pie Day. My favorite has to be pumpkin!


  8. Masterchief always requests a home made apple pie instead of a cake for his birthday.

    I think my favorite would be my mother in law's recipe for MOCK CHERRY PIE. It's made with cranberries and raisins and if you close your eyes and take a bite you'd never know it wasn't real cherries in there!

  9. Well, I missed Pie Day--darn! My all-time favorite is my cherry pie, but pecan is a close second! I don't like pie crust though, so I only eat the insides :)

  10. I've yet to meet a pie I don't love. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! I'm a low and slow oven kinda gal, so unlike you, I'm still learning to love the crockpot and hoping it will love me back!! I love it for pulled pork and roasts, and the Creole Chicken turned out well though, so that's encouraging. Have a great week!!


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