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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Is Sweet...

One of my very first blogging buddies Holly aka Olde Dame Penniwig has gifted us with free *Olden Day* hang tags, prim and grubby lookin.  Holly is a free spirit of the highest order, she likes to pop in and out of blogland, one never really knows where she is, or isn't.  Her posts are always a big surprise and a treat.  Her comments are disabled for now, she just likes things well... the way she likes 'em!  I admire that!

You can see my pic below ~ I've already printed my tags to use for what-nots (manilla folders cut in half/trim to fit for your printer).  I've got a couple packages going out soon, I like them to be very special, so I putz with them a bit, to convey sincerity and warmth for each recipient, Holly's tags will be great on top.  If you look closely you'll notice the sweet vintage sewing graphic, you can click on photo to enlarge.

(Plz excuse the bunny fingers)

You can grab Holly's freebies HERE.  She won't care if you don't leave a thank you comment, but she does like to share her passion for graphics with others and likes followers.  So, thx Holly, luv 'em!

If these tags aren't your style, as Ernestine in TV Land used to say ~Nevermind~ :)  But you might just find some others you do fancy over at Olde Dame Penniwigs.

Hope you all had a warm February weekend filled with, of course... L o v e.

Tootles, Sue


  1. Thank you for the free labels!
    Happy Valentine's day and wish you a nice February too :)

  2. Hy my dear, thank you for your visit :-) If you 'll stitch my free, please let me know!
    Happy St. Valentine Day!!!!


  3. Happy Valentines Day, Sue...kisses and hugs, and thanks for the freebie tip...looove 'em!I love Penniwigs too..her angels grace my blog.
    How bout this Ernestine memory..."one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy...snort snort." I just aged us both, dear friend.
    BTW...how did the "hole" issue turn out?

  4. Thanks for the link, Sue!

    The "Never mind" tag line was actually Gilda Radnor as Emily Litella. Ma Teakettle has the Earnestine one that I remember.


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