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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Olde Dame Penniwig

Morning my Sweets, thank you kindly for your recent comments ~ and an extra sweet howdy to my new followers, so great of you to stop by!  It's yet another cool, dreary and damp day here in the NYS Finger Lakes, and a great time to catch up on reading.  My heartfelt good wishes remain with those affected by the devastating storms across our country, may their lives be soon filled with healing, peace and love... 

Can I share a musing about blogging?  My first blogger contact was from Olde Dame Penniwig aka Holly, who without  knowing it, reminded me of the power of reaching out, and how a few gentle, kind or encouraging words can warm the cockles.  The warmth of friendship ~ easy, spirited, loving yet unencumbered ~ don't we wish all relationships were that easy?  If any of you are contemplating starting a blog, I encourage you to do so ~ you'll love the rewards. 

Once again the Olde Dame has generously offered us a freebie of digital/downloadable tags/labels, this freebie is *sewing*  themed (YAY!).  Printable on manilla folder, card stock or heavy weight paper, whatever you have on hand.  I like to keep things simple, punch a hole/add twine and use to adorn prim gifts or enjoy as a bookmark.  Here's her blog Penniwigs.  If you scroll backwards you'll find many other freebie tags on her blog, she's a peach!

And ~ you won't want to miss Penniwigs Etsy.  You'll find two new hang tag offerings, *Sewing* (vintage) and *Potions*  (wickedly delightful).  Oh, and Holly keeps her Etsy prices very affordable:)

Wishing each of you a sweet day filled with the warmth of friendship...

Tootles, Sue

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