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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reading, Beans and Beets

Hi all, hope everyone enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend, we stayed home all nice and cozy, and puttered, we're ok with it:) 

No finishes to share quite yet, but as usual I've been working on smalls and will share pics after a while.

So... the last few weeks I've been having vivid dreams about living in Paris, for absolutely no reason, so I sought out Paris books in the library and found this.  Started it 3 days ago, now half way through, it's wonderful and compels me to go to bed early or hide from hubs:)
The past few days have been scorchers here in NY, you know ~ the kind of heat that can make one nauseous and light headed if outside too long ~ very grateful for central A/C.  Cooking will consist of major cheating the next few days, my pantry offered up this *in a minute~no cook* side to go with whatever, added some sliced onion and onion powder after this pic.  Yeah, Three Bean Salad is sold at deli counters, but why buy when it's already in the pantry!  I shop Aldis too, love to save a few pennies now and again, but my heart belongs to Wegmans for the big shopping push.  Anyone else out there ever cheated and doctored up a few cans before?

Tootles and stay coooool, Sue



  1. Wah!! That's the sound of me whining--I sure wish we had a Wegman's nearby!! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon--we're in the same boat down here. Ugh!

    Sounds to me like it's time to book a flight to Paris ASAP, Sue :) Thanks for the book recommendation.

  2. Sweetie, if you ever go to Paris you better not go without me!!! I would love to go there and just lose myself in the beautiful fabs and laces you can get there. I would definitely give my MC a real workout. LOL


  3. Ah... Paris in the Spring... Paris in the Summer... Paris year round! Sounds lovely to me... wouldn't it be such a wonderful time, Sue! Thank you for the book review, Hun... I will be looking for it! It's been hot as blue blazes down here in the South... I am so ready for cool weather! :) The bean salad sounds nice and cool and yummy...

    Blessings always in stitches...

  4. Bean salad--yum. Beets--not so much. I dream of the grocery stores over there. Aldi's is a regular haunt for me!

  5. Hi Sue,

    Just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!



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