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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ding, Ding, Ding Went The Bell...

Hi Friends!  A sweet welcome to a couple new followers that were kind enough to join along, and a shout out to a sweet local blogger I met online {Hey Pam!} thanks to another blogger who put us in touch.  The days in NY are growing shorter with milder temps, nights are blissfully cool, no colors turning yet ~ like so many others say ~ this is my favorite time of year.

Thanks to all for your input on my poll about posting, seems the majority of us are eternal optimists and look forward to weekly posts.  I'm pretty easy going, whenever suits me fine, but after many many months of another blogger not updating I really do feel like I've lost a stitchy comrade.  There's one blogger in particular in Canada who I sorely miss and wonder if she's ok, and hope she is well.

Thanks also to the 3 {seriously?} who entered my Yankee Candle coupon giveaway.  Am I in the minority of those who love to pinch every last single penny and BOGO the good stuff as often as practical, especially with the holidays coming?  Barbara, your BOGO coupon was mailed 9/12, you only have a few short weeks to use it before expiration, enjoy:)

As much as I'd enjoy posting weekly, I don't always have stitchy updates to share, especially over the summer as I found myself quite cavalier with my stitching routine.  So maybe you might be interested in reading some everyday stuff here?  Let's try and give it a go!

Ding, ding, ding went the bell... yes, a shameless nod to Judy Garland {for our friend Edgar who delights us with his snippets of life and his Who Hounds, thx Edgar!}.  The bells just appeared, all of a sudden, after years of collecting, or are they making baby bells whilst I slumber?  Some of these dingers are huge, and heavy, and get your attention in a real big hurry!  Some older than others, all authentic, dingers in tact, sometimes I wonder about the school masters and houses they toiled in.   It could also be a timely pic for moms with kiddies or kiddos gone back to school.  Wait, listen... just a minute ~ are those moms I hear cheering from the kitchen {their mighty blenders full of ice and Margarita mix grinding away on the counter} encouraging their little ones to go forth and learn ~ LOL!



Yep, the IT age, there's been nothing like it since the industrial revolution, truly amazing... not so much when the power goes out, and it does here, not for long usually, but often enough.  Lamps, chimneys, globes, oil and wicks all serviced, cleaned and accounted for ~ our little soldiers at the ready for another crappity winter to come, uggghhhh! 


Day Dreamin...

Welcome to the spectacular view from our downstairs, well.... privy.  I can't help but become mesmerized into an oh~so~peaceful trance while enjoying the silently whispering lace, in the most gentlest of summer breezes, just so very pleasing.  Sometimes I peek down the hall to see if there's any lace action going on, silly me, maybe this is why my stitching has faltered over the summer?

Finally~YAY!  A couple of small fobs, stitched freehand and finished quite plainly, just to keep the fingers nimble.  Oh, did you happen to notice the wee brass heart on the Quaker?  Look again, see ~ there it is!

Well, that should do it for a while my Sweets, I've more stuff to share so please stop back next time if you can.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day ~  come what may...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Aww I love the bells and the lanterns. I would make that lacey window my stitching spot:P and the fobs are sweet. Good Job :)

  2. Alas, I love me some coupons too, but they wouldn't be accepted here. That's one of the big things I miss about life in the USA--the awesome coupons and the thrill of saving money with them. Yeah, I know, I don't get out much. LOL

    Love the pics of your collections! The stitching finishes are wonderful, too.

    I think you & I are thinking of the same blogger--I miss her and have googled her a few times to no avail. I was friends with her on Good Reads and she hasn't updated. I hope and pray that she's okay and just fell out of love with blogging.

  3. I think your bells are multiplying while you sleep! Too funny.

    I love it when the lace curtains flow in the breeze. Something so relaxing about it.

    Cute little finishes and love that brass heart!

  4. cute fob finishes! You've got quite the collection of bells! Wow! Looks like some bellringers are ready to play a concert. Don't you love those? Nice lamps too!

  5. I had two of my own of the Yankee coupons!!!! Gotta love free candles!!! And yankee this time of year, oh my!!!!!!

  6. Hey, thanks for the shout out. I, too, love to use a coupon but Yankee Candle keeps them coming! It's a good idea to share when you can't possibly purchase that many candles!

    Happy Stitching. Pam

  7. Great collections! Love the bells - although maybe you should make the boy bells sleep in a different room at night! ;)
    I have a collection of old oil lamps too, along with a newer one or two. When the power goes out, the neighbors always think ours is still on!
    And yes, there is nothing like a curtain blowing in the breeze!

  8. What fun collection of old school bells.
    I would have entered for the coupon but we don't have a Yankee Candle shop any more.
    Just want you know I will be singing all day now you ding ding song.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  9. love the pics of your collections.....too pretty...i am glad i have found your blog...thank you for sharing :D

  10. Thanks for the shout out!! Love the Bell collection and the finishes!!

  11. I love your bell collection, but I don't envy your having to dust them!

    And your stitchery of 'red is best' is adorable.

  12. I really enjoyed your tour of your collections, Sue--those bells are great. How long have you been collecting them? Glad you're getting some time to stitch, too--your little creations are very cute (although mine would have to read "Blue is Best!!)...

    I have candles coming out of my ears from hostess gifts that people give me each Thanksgiving or I would have entered, too :) I'm sure Barbara will be thrilled to receive her BOGO coupon.

  13. Cute cute fobs!!
    And wow! what lovely collections you have!!!

  14. If I didn't know better I would say you were getting ready for hurricane season here in Florida with all your oil lamps and such. I also have them all ready and standing at attention. Hopefully both of us won't have to use them much this year. I miss those days of gentle breezes in the north towards the end of summer. Such sweet smells fill the air. It's nice to have finishes even the small ones.

  15. hi sue! thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog today and taking the time to leave such a sweeeeeet comment! i really do appreciate the kind words left for me. i really do! like you, i love to do x-stitch, but don't seem to do as much as i used to do with working and all. however, seeing what other women create is just wonderful!! it really is an art that is just beautiful!!

    have a lovely weekend and thanks again for stopping by!



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