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Friday, October 28, 2011

Snickerdoodle Snippet ~ NOT ...

Hi again ~ didn't expect a double-post today, but this day was filled with a very sweet surprise and I couldn't wait to thank Ma Teakettle!

Ma recently shared Sassy's newish color Snickerdoodle on her blog .  It looked nice and prim but monitors can be deceiving, so I asked her how it compared to Sassy's Golden Promise.  Ma was so helpful and patient, she even offered to mail me a scrap ~ YAY!  You know, a snippet from being trimmed, just so I could get a first hand look at the color before ordering from Sassy's.  What stitcher would have turned down Ma's sweet offer?  Not I!

So this afternoon my plan was to slather on the butt glue and hit the stitchy chair, but then I got called out unexpectedly.

When I arrived home tonight, I found this at the door...

What the heck?  A box?  Who sent me a box?  It was Ma.  For a snippet?  I'm a shaker, so natch ~ I shook it, something rattled, then I got that *confused in the brain* sensation and that blasted crater wrinkle between the baby blues.  You know, the one that grows deeper with age, at least mine does:)

Opened it and found this...

Can you believe it?  Not a snippet, but a beautiful piece of Sassy's Monoco 28 ct evenweave in Snickerdoodle (superb prim mottling), delicate counting pins (pretty pretty), a perfectly prim pincushion (my fave drab colors), happy Jack-O-Peeps (hiding them), and a note from sweet Ma!

I've seen Monoco online but never handled it.  Snickerdoodle is a nice prim shade, I now know why Ma favors it, will definitely be ordering this ~ love it.  Of course, I already have something in mind for this fabby, can not wait to get started!

Ma, your teakettle runneth over, you're too kind and too sweet and I thank you from my surprised stitchy heart, you really got me good!  Oh, the Peeps... half gone now, well a little more than half gone, guess I'll hide the rest... or not:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. Lucky girl! How generous of her.

  2. Sassy does some wonderful colors, and that was so generous of Ma! I don't blame you for hiding the Peeps, I love those things.

  3. Isn't Ma wonderful!! I've never tried those fabrics, but have heard good things. Can't wait to see what you stitch on it!

  4. Wonderful surprise. This blog community is full to the brim of generous folks! Have a good weekend!
    Enjoy those Peeps!

  5. I just found her blog a few days ago and became a stalker. She has a great blog and I really enjoy it.
    She sent you some great stuff. Enjoy
    Happy Stitching

  6. Wow! What a generous offer indeed! I have to say that I am giggling over your quote, "slather on the butt glue and hit the stitchy chair". Well said!!!!

  7. lol...what an awesome surprise to come home to! and i love the color, thank you for introducing me to 'sassy'....had not heard of it before :D.....gotta go, going to store to look for 'butt' glue, gotta find something to help with the jump up and do something thing!

  8. Wow, so generous of Ma! That linen color looks scrumptious!


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