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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google Tech Tip

Hi there!  Please let me start by admitting I am not much of a techie, I kinda learn as I go, like most of us:)  This morning I turned on my puter and got an auto message from Google that my account had been disabled

I thought maybe I had been hacked, turns out no hacking happened.

Very simply, someone was trying to log into my Google account, several times over several days, and Google disabled the account because of unusual activity coming from an unknown IP address.

The dastardly deed doer failed repeatedly cause my password was strong.  I followed the Google auto-prompts which helped me to log in.  Then I changed some passwords for safe measure.

All is well here, just wanted to share.

Anyone ever had their Google account disabled?  It sure can send a jolt through ya!

Tootles, Sue


  1. It hasn't happened to me on Google but it did on Facebook and there I was hacked. The person who did it sent spam...alot of spam....to everyone on my friends list. That turned me against Facebook and just about all social networking. The only thing I have left is a few Yahoo groups, my blog and HDF Forum. I'm glad it didn't turn out bad on your part. It can be a real pain in the.....

  2. Never with Google, but I had my email hacked last year. It definitely messes with you!

  3. My whole blog disappeared awhile back and it was rather freaky! glad you got yours worked out!


  4. Glad you were not hacked Sue!! I just left my laptop with the Repair It Guy.. I got a Virus called Vista 2012. I was informed by him it can get past firewalls and Virus protection programs.. It is a biggy Bug.. lol It has been a big problem in my home.. I just got the desk top back from him today..

  5. Scary and frustrating isn't it?

  6. Such a waste of life trying to put these things right though isnt it. Well done on having such a strong password..it is often attempted hacks by hackers using computer programs to randomly attack many people at one go....thankfully such programmes do not have much of an imagination...sad though that we live in such a world xx


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