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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finger Lakes Summer

Hi there sweet friends!  Sending a sweet summer welcome to a couple new followers, glad you popped in cause it gave me a chance to follow a couple new blogs myself!  Need rain desperately, needed it 3 weeks ago ~ not just for the lawn, garden, water table and critters, but because like so many others, our home's income depends heavily on the weather ~ please send us a good long soaker Rainman.  My heart goes out to those who are sufferin the wrath of inclement weather gripping the USA, take comfort in knowing you are in our thoughts from afar.

Asparagus Mail RAOK ~ While pickin asparagus some while ago I went to fetch the mail (yep the mailbox is near the garden) and found this!  Thank you oodles dear sweet Barbara (To Stitch Or Not To Stitch) for the gorgeous pinkeep, oh-so-handy project bag and specialty fibers.  You're too generous, these goodies are a huge treat, I'm ever grateful for your friendship and guidance:)

A Special Sweet Hello ~ to a very dear maple leaf friend who has been missing for quite a while.  I've never forgotten your warmth, kindness and patience when I began my blog.  Your friendship has been truly missed and I'm over the moon happy to see that you're inching your way back into blogland.  I sent you a message through blogger 7/18/12.  Hope you and family are well and thriving! 

Finger Lakes Hookers  ~ Rug Hookers Guild of the Finger Lakes had their Spring show in May.  I don't hook yet, but do adore all things fiber so I lolly gagged around, picked up a nice piece of wool for stitchy finishes, enjoyed this show immensely.  The members were warm and friendly and shared a vast and stunning display of hookings.  I've never seen these anywhere and thought them to be most uncommon, hope you likee:)

For the Halloween lovers, these were soooo life-like it was spooooooky, about 4 ft tall, amazing work...

Seriously drooled over this whimsy style rug, approx 4 x 4 ft.
The colors and detail were amazing, truly a modern day fiber gift for such an old design to come life in 2012, I couldn't pull myself away for the looongest time.
Pattern called Fantasy from Womans Day magazine 1946-1969...

Cookin ~  One of my fave summer meals, do ya think they're burnt?  Shhhhhhhhhh...don't tell the fire dept, but I like 'em charred:)

Swoonin ~  Mr. Springfield comin to town August 1st, quite lovely for 62 don't ya think, just sayin...
   image via google
sentiment via me:)

Lots more to share another day sweets friends, wishing you a sweet summer weekend, see you next time and thanks for stopping by...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Seriously? Rick Springfield is 62? Wow! Always loved him. :D Great to see what you've been up to. Lots of pretties to drool over. Nice gift in the mail too!

  2. Well now darlin you sure did wake this ole lady up with that picture!!! LOL If he looks this good at 62, can you imagine what he looked like at 32? Be still my heart!!!
    Love the other pictures too...especially the rug. Very pretty colors.

  3. So glad you're back Sue. I missed ya. I take it your computer woes are over? http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  4. Nevermind the other stuff....he looks pretty danged good for 62. Why do men age so much better than women?

  5. Wow! Lots of good looking variety in this post. We had torrential rain for a short period, and then a brief shower this evening. I hope there's a break for the crops and critters soon.

  6. I'll send some rain up your way (although you must have gotten that good soaking on Sunday?)... We FINALLY got a bit this week and it's raining right now.

    Lovely gifts from Barbara--such a talented stitcher! And the rugs are so impressive.

    Say "hi" to Rick for me when he's in town :)

  7. Asparagus is my FAVORITE vegetable! Looks like you had a wonderful mail day too! That Fantasy rug is gorgeous! And no way Rick Springfield can be 62! :)

  8. Have a great time visiting with Rick. Lovely gift in the mail ... and nice looking asparagus, by the way! Hope some rain has come your way.

  9. Great post! Love the rak from Barbara!!
    Hope Rick gives you a good show! ;)

  10. Hi Sue!
    Thanks for thinking of me & writing :)
    love the halloween rugs (of course) and WOW Rick Springfield looks great! I remember watching him on General Hospital (way beack when) then going to see him in concert in CT to see him sing "Jessie's Girl" :)))

    Blessed be,

  11. The kabobs look delicious and the little pincushion that arrived in the mail is darling, and Rick, well he is one gorgeous man! I'll be seeing him in October. He always puts on a good show!


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