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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looking for ~older~ GAST floss ~ Gingersnap #7034

Hi sweet friends ~ hope everyone is getting in some stitchin this weekend:) 

I posted this over at the 123 board with hopes of a reply or two.

While visiting our LNS yesterday, I discovered the dye lot for one of my favorite go-to flosses has changed ~ well pooh, don't ya hate when that happens!

The ~older~ GAST Simply Shaker ~Gingersnap~ has a definite reddish/rosey cast to it, not the copper-brown shade currently on the shelf.

I'd appreciate trading/purchasing a few ~older~ skeins if anyone wants to de-stash theirs.

I've a nice selection of overdyed flosses to offer in trade.

Maybe I should also post this over at Never Enough Stash, plz wish me luck on my search!

Tootles, Sue (in NY)

stitchinsweetsue (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Sue, just emailed you.

    1. Barbara has offered 1/2 skein from her stash, thx so much! Hoping to hear from more of you!

  2. Sure hope you can find some, Sue--I just bought a skein myself last month so I know it's not the older stuff... I'll bet someone will come through for you :)

  3. Mine is orangey. I have several GASTs that are no where near each other. I have a red that shades to pink in one skein and lavender/purple in the other!

  4. Me too Marly, I also have several that are no where near the same shade as the other. I just don't get it... if a formula is used, why the variation? Can anyone with knowledge on this topic chime in?

  5. Sorry I can't help you with this but I know others will come through for you.
    That is one thing that really ruffles my feathers: when the same color doesn't "match" the one I bought a few weeks ago! That's why I always buy a bunch extra when I'm kitting something up.

  6. Good luck finding what you need. I just looked at my thread, and both skeins of Gingersnap appear to be the new copper color.

  7. Sue....emailing you now :)
    Hugs and crossed fingers

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  9. Just trying to catch up on blog reading. Did you find what you needed? I have
    Gingersmap, but am not sure how old it is. Let me know!

    1. Thx for asking Catherine, sent you email 8/6.


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