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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Just My Way...

... I've been strong, a big shouldered broad, one that holds it all together, must carry on - no matter the face of adversity, plow through 'til all is right again, or nearly right enough.  It's just the way I'm wired, or the way I was raised, or grew up to be, or learned to be on my own.  Good or bad, it's just my way.

Disbelief-yes, heartfelt sorrow-yes, unanswered questions-yes... but no tears, no sobbing, no runny nose, no quivering lip, no shivers.  It's almost as if I was unable to succumb and admit that anyone could be so devoid of humanity.  Then tonight this sorrowful and respectful melody enveloped me.  With the exception of one or two small phrases, I envisioned parents and loved ones with eyes so weary and heavy they have no choice but to seek a few restful moments, drifting off with this tune softly cradling them, and the rest of the world dreaming along.  Mostly, we are lucky.  Days are good for most of us ~ with hopefully only a few days for sobbing.  I know in my heart we'll shed tears for Sandy Hook for many years to come.  But for our own hearts' sake, hopefully not every day.  We don't get to choose which days, today is mine... at least one of them.

Thank you sweet friends for stopping by and sharing...


  1. Oh boy. I finally calmed down a bit but tears still come now and then. If I hit that start button, the mascara will be gone!

  2. Yes, I spent most of Mon. just crying my eyes out~I just couldn't seem to stop. Such a sad sad situation for all those involved!


  3. Lots of crying around the world for those sweet innocents and their brave teachers... I just can't imagine how parents get through the loss of a child--especially in a way like this. Sending hugs, Sue...

  4. I think alot of us have been crying for the past few days. I don't see how they can handle it. Takes great strength.

  5. This tragedy has made many heavy hearts. I can't even begin to imagine how the families are grieving. Hugs to you..


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