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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Happy Pie Day!  January 23rd, every year.  I've a friend who avoids them ~ says they just don't appeal to her, never have, never will... imagine the horror!  Where in the world would we be without pie! 

Here's a couple of mine from a previous Pie Day post.

Pineapple Pie, so easy and pantry friendly


Tomato Pie, yum...

Anyone wanna share their favorite pie?

Happy Pie Day to ya ~ now go make one, or get one, and share a 'lil sweet with someone ya

Tootles, Sue


  1. Oh wow! Looks yummy! I love pie, but I'm home alone with no one to share with. :( Oh well.

  2. Both look scrumptious! If I HAD to choose between cake and pie, pie would win. Does your Pineapple have coconut? Is the Tomato savory or sweet?

  3. Yum! Too funny ~ I just made that pineapple pie last week!

  4. I was just looking at your pineapple pie recipe today! I think I NEED to make it. I made a buttermilk pie with cornmeal crust the other day. It was good!

  5. Hi Sue

    I'm new here - and so glad I found you!
    Love all kinds of pies - couldn't live without em!!

    I'm a crossstitcher and love all your work - especially the Snowflake and sleighs in the previous post.
    Are you able to tell me where I can find the patterns for those please?

    I'm now following your blog and will enjoy seeing what you create this year.

    I would love you to pop over to New Zealand and see me and enter my giveaway - 12,000 miles away but just click your mouse and you'll be there!

    Shane ♥

  6. They look yummy :) The pie that goes down best in our house is Courgette & Feta, known as 'Pirate Pie' so the kids eat it!

  7. How fun..PIE DAY...I love this.
    As I type this there's a Cherry Pie baking away...who doesn't love pie...oh, your friend that's right...LOL
    Well I'm a tad late with this comment but it caught my eye!


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