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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi there! Not sure when, but years ago I started calling these *My Little Soldiers*, because every summer they shock and awe me~LOL. I open the fridge and there they are, many-many-many of them, DH sneaks them across lines and into the house EVERY DAY when the garden is plentiful. I gently suggested to DH that he move out, pitch a tent in the garden and live there for the summer, so he can reach out and grab one or two when it's mealtime. The man has a zucchini fetish. I love the man, so zucchini is a big part of our lives in the summer.

So today I attacked these little soldiers with my grater and shredded them.....
..... into this!
This casserole was huge and yummy. There was cooked turkey to use up, so I tweaked recipe a bit and added turkey to the bottom layer. Recipe can be found at Simply Recipes HERE.

It's a constant battle, I *know* they're planning their next invasion and multiplying just a few feet away~LOL. If you'd like to join forces and share a winning zucchini recipe, I'd be ever so much obliged...

Tootles, Sue


  1. Oh, that sounds good! I love zucchini too! :D

  2. Honey, have you tried slicing them long-wise, dipping in milk, then into seasoned cornmeal, then fry like fish in hot oil in skillet. You will swear you are eating perch. Be sure to SCRUB the heck of them before you slice them to get the grit off.

  3. oh my goodness!!!! I had to sit & laugh as I read this!!!! Our garden is doing better than normal & I have so much zucchini!!! I need to shread today. I made some choc. chip zuc. bars the other day that were real good. I will see if I can figure out where I found the recipe! Oh, try thepioneerwoman.com
    that is where it was!

  4. Zucchini is great anyway in any thing. For a quickie veggie with meals I like to cut it up (your style) toss it around in a skillet with butter and just season with salt and pepper or for extra flavor add a few dashes of ginger powder and a bit of soy sauce. Might sound a bit Asianee but it's really good.
    The casserole looks great! I might just try that.
    Tammy T.

  5. You should write a cookbook or have a cooking show!!


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