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Monday, August 3, 2009


NO-NO ~ I'm not pregnant LOL! Hope you all had a great weekend, some time for yourself and loved ones too. For those a wee bit disappointed at my obvious lack of stitchy news, please do forgive. When the summer bounty is abundant in New York State, I'm compelled to fetch my apron and get feverishly intimate with all food that is summer!

So, here's my Sweet Refrigerator Pickles (much too hot and rainy here for hot water bath canning). Recipe calls for 7 cups of sliced cukes (luvin my Cuisinart and its' speedy slicing), makes about 4 quarts pickles, *must* be stored in fridge and must be *eaten* within a month, at least that what the recipes says. The month thing is never a problem here... This recipe is sweet, REALLY sweet, quick, simple-stupid and very yummy. Did I mention *NO canning*:) If anyone's interested, plz leave a comment and I'll happily share recipe, as it was once shared with me.

Seven cups a mixin...
After bathing in the fridge overnight, about half the size...
And here's a few jars, have already given away a couple...
This is a new Blueberry Bread recipe I tried Sunday, NOT sweet, no yeast, bakes like a quick bread but not sweet, really lets the blueberries shine, rather than the sugar. Recipe makes 2 smallish loaves, which is what I wanted, so we could try one and freeze one for later. Whew, this stitcher is exhausted and needs to put her footies up, but we won't tell those Pesky Cukes that keep multiplying in the fridge ~ I think they're being secretly coached by the Zucchini Army:)

Nighty-night Pesky Cukes...
Thanks for poppin in, hope this put a giggle on your lips dear friends and Sweet Stitchin...

Tootles, Sue


  1. boy, we are on the same page!!! I shredded 20 cups of zucchini tonight. I have cucs waiting to become pickles tomorrow. I tried a new blueberry/zucchini bread today. And....the tomatoes are getting REAL CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tell me if you see a very small crooked cuke of lightest grey hovering about yr cukes...it will be the ghost of my pickle plant, just saying "hi" to its more fortunate brethren...

    Yr pickles and blueberry loaf sure do look tasty!

  3. My dad makes his own pickles, too, Sue--but you know me and anything "green!" Now, the blueberry bread on the other hand, looks so good I could eat the whole loaf!


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