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Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi there! Hoping you Americans had a grande Thanksgiving and can now get a bit of well deserved rest!

Did you cook WAY WAY WAY too much food and are wondering the next day why in the hell you did it to yourself? If so, then we're like minded:) Why DO we make all that work for ourselves and cook for an army when there's NOT one living in our homes ~LOL! I'm mental that way, I need to curb it and fast, real fast. Any cooks out there care to share why they DO IT?

Since turkey day comes but once a year, I really wanted to share my 'lil brother's bird from last year. I really think it's amazing and puts my piddly 'lil 12 pound bird to shame. He likes to eat good, fresh and wholesome foods, hence he's a really good cook, for a guy:) He's a good brother too, sometimes I feel sorry for him, having me for an older sister~ but not too sorry ~ LOL!

Jeff's bird, over 20 pounds:
Enjoy your day dear friends, thank you for visiting and Sweet Stitchin to you and you and you:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. We always cook too much food. God forbid we run out of something and someone wanted more. Yeah right!

    My parents always cook a 20+ pounder. Turkey sandwiches until you can't stand them anymore!

  2. You think that turkey is big? You should see her brother!!!

  3. I was glad I cooked alot this year, because my husband rushed in and wanted plates made up for some people down on their luck! So it actually was lucky I overcooked!


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