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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hi there!  While going through my stash I found this freehand piece started on osnaburg last year. The stitches are not *proper* as I lack true embroidery skills, kinda cobbed this together hoping for a prim, scruffy looking tree.  Right side turned out okay, but having trouble with left side, which is why I gave up and squirreled this away.  Seems a shame to not finish it. 

Might someone with experience have suggestions on how to design/replicate the left side?  Or should I maybe just cob the left side together too?

If there's a tip I'd surely by grateful to learn it.

Thanks for looking and Sweet Stitchin...

Tootles, Sue


  1. I'm left brain challenged too (or is it right brain that controls the left side). Anyway, you could either chart it out and replicate the right side, or just wing it - nothing in nature is perfect. And BTW I think what you have done is very good!

  2. Sue no tips for you here but I do love what you have done so far. You are doing a great job of cobbling....LOL

  3. I love what you've got so far. Natural trees aren't symmetrical, so I say just wing it on the other side. Can hardly wait to see the final product. :)

  4. This may be a silly suggestion...what about turning it upside down then the other side will be on the right?

  5. I'm afraid I can't help either, Sue! Sometimes I think I'm BOTH left and right brain challenged! But it is very pretty--I've never heard of that fabric before...

  6. I think the right side turned out beautifully and I bet if you just winged it the left side would be great too! I just stumbled on your blog and it's great! I will definately be back for more visits. Can't wait to see the left side...


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