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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi there! Here I am, has anyone missed me~LOL! The New Year brings a sweet pitter patter to my stitchy heart in the hopes of locating an older OOP chart to stitch for our home. It's called *The Sparrows Song* by The Goode Huswife. If any dear stitchers have this chart and are ready to part with it, would they please contact me? Any leads are also greatly and sweetly appreciated:) Will pay costs and will be ever so grateful to give it a new home!


Tootles and Sweet Stitchin...

SWEET UPDATE 01/21/2010

My humble and kind thx to every Sweet Stitcher for their generous help and good wishes in locating this chart! Ive been fortunate enough to find a good contact (YAY) and am following up!

And, today is a doubly good day as I'm able to help another Sweet Stitcher with a PIF for some floss-YAY!



  1. Well of course we miss you!
    I will keep my eyes peeled for that pattern!
    And no, I'm not a good housewife!

  2. Nice to see you back - sorry I can't help out with the chart.

  3. Happy New Year! And YES! I missed you. Glad to see your back. Love your blog!

  4. Yes, I missed you!!! And sorry, I do not have that pattern. :(
    Hugs, Margit


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