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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hi there!

As some of you know, the last week of December '09 I started stitching on linen and of course am LOVING it!  A couple of my charts are screaming to be stitched on a primitive type linen.

I don't intend to raid anyone's stash, BUT if you don't stitch anymore or would simply like to make some mad money and know your linen will be used ~ I'd be grateful to purchase:

BOAF Meadow Lark linen, prefer 36 ct., but 32 CT. would be suitable.

Does anyone know if this can be purchased new?  If so, who is reputable?

Here's where I am:  stitchinsweetsue@gmail.com

Thx for stopping in dear friends, Sweet Stitchin and Tootles for now...



  1. I don't know if that particular fabric is available or not. A lot of time particular linens are made for a while and then their gone - like quilting fabric. Some reliable places to get linen are Wyndam Needleworks and The Elegant Stitch (you can google them because I don't have the links etched in my brain). Both ladies will be able to recommend a suitable replacement for whatever linen you're looking for. And welcome to the wonderful world of linen stitching. You're probably never use anything else now.

  2. I love linen. It calls out for great projects.

    Vikki Clayton hand dyes her linen. She may be able to match something.


    Have a great day.

  3. BOAF linen is being made again by a new company who took over their linen making. If you go to Needle in a Haystack, I'm pretty sure they sell the linen. Just google it and you'll find them. They're usually pretty fast too.

  4. I love stitching on linen - it has such a nice feel to it. Sorry I can't help you with that linen.

  5. I found it at Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA I hear it's a good store. Good luck! I myself am hooked on 40 count Lakeside Linen.


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