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Thursday, January 28, 2010

~ Embroidered Linen Bag ~

Hi there!  It's snowin and blowin here.  The crockpot is workin on Santa Fe Chicken with a deep earthy helping of spices and chipotle peppers to warm the evening and this afternoon Mr. Singer will be here for visit to help with several 2010 finishes that need loving attention:)

Before all that, I wanted to share with you my joy at finding this from yesterday's thrift store visit.  A sweet little hand embroidered/finished bag on linen, white cotton lined with a small pocket inside, not a mark on it anywhere, pristine condition.  I added the floss to give a better idea of size.  Was thinkin it would make a sweet place to store some, can you guess ~ LINEN ~ LOL!  There's no closure on it but, who among us would have left this 'lil ditty behind with a price tag of  95 cents on it?  I don't embroider, so this find was a thrill. You can click on pics to enlarge them if you wish.  Oh, and I found a BOAF for 20 cents, all in all, it was a very sweet day for a stitcher:)

Thank you so very much for poppin in.  Please be well, warm and stitch to your heart's content.  It's been proven our souls are much more well satiated when we feed them with our passion, and we wouldn't want to disagree would we!

Oh, and my sincere gratitude to those of you who offered help yesterday in my quest for BOAF Meadow Lark linen.  I couldn't personally reply to all as some comments were *no reply*, but none the less I appreciate your kindness. 

Will share some small linen finishes in the near future:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. Wow! What a great find for only 95cents! I would have grabbed it up in a heartbeat!

  2. What a lovely find! And 20 cents for a BOAF chart! Wow! You had a great day for sure!

  3. That's a lovely embroidered bag.

  4. Wow, did you find a great piece!!! That really is beautiful. And a BOAF for 20 cents - today must have been your lucky day!!

  5. What a beautiful find - so much work has gone into it too.

  6. What a sweet find, Sue! Wish you lived closer--I love going to thrift stores, too! You never know what treasures await :)


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