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Monday, February 1, 2010


Gentle warning ~ longish post.

Hi again, WOW, 2 posts in the same day, do I win a prize or something~LOL!  Every Christmas DF graces us with a ham, always a big 'un, this ham was 16 pounds~YIKES~there's only 2 of us! So, after probing around to find the bone, I bravely cut this oinker in half, which made for an 8 pounder, scored it, slipped it into a bag and baked it for 2 1/2 hours.  Yeah, I know I should have glazed it, but was lazy...  The other 8 pound half went into the freezer, although I could have easily just put it in the garage, certainly frigid enough here:)

I always use Reynolds baking bags cause they do good things: they always keep the meat very juicy, they keep the meat hot (with a kitchen towel over the whole thing, bag and all) while the rest of the meal is pulled together, they make it very easy to drain the drippings for gravy, cleanup is a snap and they simply never fail me.

Musing Alert ~ my first attempt at ham gravy, instead of adding water to the drippings, I used Pomegranate/Plum juice cause that's what was in fridge, turned out pretty darn gooood!  Can I share?  It's taken many years to overcome my *making gravy* phobia.  Oh my~a flashback~ages and ages ago a beau was coming for turkey dinner, wanting to impress and all, I asked DM to come over and make the gravy, so..... as my date was knockin at the door, DM was slipping out the back-LOL!  Go figure, a Mom going to all the trouble for a date that wasn't even hers!

The Big 'Un or as almost everyone whispers and gently smiles when a ham is served after a funeral *Isn't it a beautiful ham*.  Did you ever notice that too?:

Monday night dinner for DH~ham, ham gravy, boiled taters, biscuits, beanies:

DH is in hog heaven, there'll be ham steaks for breakfast and tangy ham salad for munching.  We gotta keep our men happy.  After all, they do put up with our stitchy stuff, even if they don't get it:)

If you're still with me, thanks kindly for indulging... What's on the menu at your house tonight?

Tootles and Sweet Stitchin, Sue


  1. That looks yummy, I haven't had yam in ages. Can I come over to your house for dinner? I have always been the official gravy maker when we'd have dinner at my brother's house for the holidays. One time, he gave me one of those glass pans to make it in and it was coming out perfect....until the pan shattered and there was gravy everyplace, what a mess.

  2. Ooooh, looks delish! We had corn chowder at our house. I love ham though!

  3. OMW, that looks amazing, I think I just drooled all over my keyboard ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and I am so glad to "meet ya"


  4. Wow! That is very enticing! I may just have to pull a ham out of my freezer this week!

  5. That looks lovely Sue, I love ham and the rest of the meal looks very tasty too, making my mouth water at the thought,

    Sue xx

  6. What a lovely dinner! I hope you saved me some leftovers!


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