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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Generosity...

Hi there, hope everyone enjoyed Valentines Day in their own little way, we stayed in to enjoy the quiet of home and each other...

Has anyone else noticed that DMC black has been kidnapped from the retail market?  I've heard of this happening before but never experienced it until yesterday, 3 stores were out of it.  I've got a few spare skeins of black, just thought it very weird...

So, my errands were finished yesterday and on my return I found a huge bag from Darlene at My Life In Stitches.  She's new to blogging and offered a surprise Valentines giveaway to celebrate her joy, lucky me ~ I won!

If you haven't visited her, you can pop over and welcome Darlene at My Life In Stitches.

Surprise Valentines Giveaway revealed ~ gorgeous charts by BBD and Sekas, kitted Friendship Sweet Bag with silk/finishing accessories by Jeanette Douglas, yummy generous prim linen, dainty Kelmscott angel scissors, lovely hearts scissor fob (my first!), springy DMC flosses, chocolates to share with a loved one and Love sign.  Can you believe it?  Such a lovely gathering and thoughtful theme, and it arrived on *V* Day, how'd she do that!
Darlene, my warmest and sincere thanks from my tippy toes to my stitchy fingers (squeal)!  You're obviously keen to my fondness for prim stitching.  I truly adore each gift, look forward to planning a project and cherish your thoughtfulness... 

Tootles,  Sue


  1. What a wonderful sweet surprise!

  2. Wow Sue! Looks like you had a very nice Valentine's Day w/a win like that! How sweet! You received some very nice items!


  3. What a wonderful package!


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