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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tea party in the snow...

Hi everyone!  And a very special Howdy Do  dear new followers, glad you stopped by, don't be a stranger now!

So, everything here is bleeeeeeech, yet another NY snow storm, serious yuck, enough with the snow already.  Hope everyone out there is keeping warm and cozy.  Wondering ~ does anyone else keep a little heater under their computer?  Ahhhhhh, love me some heat blowing up my leggies, nice 'n toasty:)

And, FireFox 4.0 upgrade is not compatible with Colorful Tabs, not yet, oh the agony of having to look at dreary grey tabs, how will I ever survive such archaic cruelty, double yuck, lol!

TEA PARTY...  I'm not at all a pink girl, but this delicate design found at the thrift store for two quarters was sooooo pretty, who could resist.  Had to fussy mussy with it and age it a bit, guess I'm a bit of a dirty girl ~ lol.  Turned out beautifully don't you think?
These obstinate cottons refused to join the Tea Party, before and after, so this was a bust even with many tea bags, oh well...  I can always get even and attack them with Distress It, watch your backsides you cotton scoundrels!

Some 32 ct. white linens, before and after - all prim, proper, delicately mottled and ready for Spring stitchin'...

NEW START...  Drawn Thread Sunflower Bell Pull, good progress, will be nice for an empty space that's been naggin' me for some attention, will be a framed finish.  Anyone notice anything different about my modified version? 

ALRIGHT ALREADY, I GET YOUR POINT... With all the yackin' going on about Bohin needles, I finally caved.  If you haven't yet tried them, plz consider treating yourself, they come in multiple sizes and combo packs and have a very nice size eye for easier threading.  Surprisingly they're quite affordable, as long as you don't travel to France for them:)  Doubt I'll ever touch another needle, as they say - slides like butta, seriously.

That's it for now dear friends, if anyone is able to send us some warmer weather, we'd be simply overjoyed.  Thanks for your visit and sweet comments, always does a heart good to make new friends and special connections:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. Sorry wish I could send you some California sun but it is rainy pretty heavy right now. I love to sit and cross stitch with my little space heater. I am going to have to look into those needles.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Isn't it ridiculous? We're supposed to get the majority of our snow overnight so we'll see what we wake up to. Probably not as much as you up north anyway. Bleagh.

    Love your tea party! lol! You are brave to do that tea dyeing. I have no nerve for such things. Love your Sunflower DT piece too. It's so pretty! As for the Bohin needles, I would try them, but they don't come in petite size. I hate long needles. :D

  3. So sorry about the snow!! We are just getting the cold and the rain this time.

    Lovin' your tea party and your sunflower bell pull!

    Haven't tried those needles yet. I'll have to see if my LNS has them.

  4. will send you some of the glorious sunshine we are having atm ..... ooo not tried tea dying ..looks fun :) and lovely stitching but don't know the pattern well enough to say what's different ..lol love mouse xxxx

  5. The perfect day for me is 90 degrees with low humidity! Go away snow!!!

    I like your sunflower bell pull very much. I think I like your version better than with the charted dividers. It's gentler to the eyes.

    I was ready to put these needles on my list but after reading the comment about them being a long needle I think I'll pass. I too prefer to work with a shorty!

  6. Ok, now I'm going to have to get some of those needles. lol

  7. We awoke to snow again here this morning, Sue--ugh, ugh, ugh!! This is getting ridiculous...

    Funny, but I had just popped some of those Bohin needles in my shopping cart at 1-2-3 Stitch--glad to hear you love them so much...

    I'm stitching Sunflower Bellpull, too, but have left in the specialty stitches. I'm really enjoying learning some new stitches although some of them are a bit challenging! Don't you just love that Needle Necessities thread for the alphabet?

  8. Sue, I also have a little heater under my desk. Love it, especially since my craft room is the coldest room in the house!

    Very nice results on the linen tea dying. Are you using a piece of your tea dyed linen for the Sunflower Bell Pull? It is so pretty! Can't say what is different but I love The Drawn Thread designs.

    Thanks for confirming the Bohin needle recommendation. I need to order some...they sound wonderful to stitch with.

  9. Nice results with the tea bath! ;) I love those fabrics! Your Sunflower BellPull is wonderful, too. I have that in a pile of UFOs and really should drag it out again. DTs are soooo pretty.

    I just got a pack of Bohins and love them, too!


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