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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hi there, I've been readin' that some of ya are sick with the creapin' crud, some of ya are selling stash (thank you very much for ena~bling) and some of ya are just layin' low, but it's been great following along no matter what:)

I've been pluggin' along on my Sunflower Bellpull, but sometimes I get a strong itchin' to work on smalls and have to give in.  These I stitched a while back for no particular project, was just doodlin'.  Finished them yesterday 'cause I've had enough I say ~enough~ of my scissors fallin' to the bottom of my sewing basket.  The two smallest are 32 ct natural linen and filled with rice.  The long one is stitched on coffee dyed osnaburg and stuffed with a new to me bamboo product from Joann Fabrics, very soft, really quite nice.
These beautiful burnt orange and dark coral velveteens are each well over a yard, were marked 70 cents each at the thrift store and reminded me of carrots, so ya know they had to come with;-)

And can I just share... we've had a bit of an uprising here the last couple of days, well... more of a jail break...

Nice mule, big mule, she's a huge mule, very bright and expert at picking the latch on her stall door when certain people forget to snap on the safety clip.  She's supposed to be in her stall, not grazing along our driveway.  She's a stubborn one, 20 minutes and a few sweet carrots later she was back home, all nice and mule cozy.  Our first summer here I awoke at sunup one Sunday morning to a muffled noise outside the bedroom window.  There she was at the porch, dirt sprayed all over, eatin' my potted geraniums.  Last time she made a break for it, she trotted quite a few miles into town and sashayed along the sidewalk on Main Street... at midnight.  Would've loved to have seen the town drunks' face as she passed the tavern window by lamplight ~giggle~.    
These crazy guys are always tryin' to make their getaway under the chicken wire.  Last time one got out, he was found miles away at the nearby reservoir park, just strolling around like any other park visitor.  The grass is always greener...

And who pray tell told these noisy little guys the Aflac auditions were being held in our yard today ~ lol!
Can anyone guess what this girls' best friend is these days?


Muck boots

Did I mention we have no animals at present, these furry neighbors belong next door, lol:)  Seriously, I can't think of a better bunch to share my kitchen scraps with.  Stop in anytime, follow the dirt road, word to the wise... bring your boots and well, you get the picture... watch out for the p**p!

Tootles, Sue


  1. I'm lovin' your smalls!! I think I will ahve to look for some of that bamboo filing to try! I'm still laughing about all the animal antics!

  2. Oh my, you really do live out in the country! lol! A friendly mule to snuffle in your garden! oh boy! :D

    Love your smalls -- they're all so pretty! And that velveteen -- scrumptious!

  3. What great smalls you have! They are really lovely and so practical...

    You are very lucky to have such friendly neighbours - they obviously love visiting you! Love the mule!

    Look forward to reading more of the neighbourly antics and seeing more of your stitching soon!


  4. love the smalls sooo cute and ooo had to laugh at the animal antics .. don't panic boots at the ready ... love the goats and everyone else too ..lol love mouse xxxx

  5. You sound like you're doing about the same thing as me with the Sunflower Bellpull, Sue. I just need the "quick fix" that stitching smalls gives me! I love your newest fobs--especially the long one. Great design :)

    You would never run out of entertainment living next to all those animals--your photo of the one mule trying to escape is hilarious!

    Have a good weekend...

  6. Love your cute little finishes and the luscious looking fabrics too! :^)

  7. I love your smalls Sue!
    I will have to check out that bamboo filling.

    Love the story's about your neighbors LOL

  8. Great photos and smalls!! :)

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as a bamboo filling. I'll have to check it out. (I've used bamboo yarn before and it is very nice.)

  9. Love the animal photos!! At least it makes for some interesting neighbor stories, LOL.

    Wonderful work on your smalls!

  10. I'm sooo behind these days but wanted to comment on your Lovely stitchy smalls, sweet Sue... just beautiful! And I have not seen the Bamboo filler... will have to look for some. I love your animal tales and photos... made me smile! :)

    Blessings always in stitches...


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