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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Next Town Over...

Hi Dear Friends,

My good thoughts are with my fellow East Coasters as Irene hurdles her way towards the innocent.  A pox on her, may she lose speed and steam and find herself lost at sea forever!  May each of us, our families, friends, neighbors and emergency workers escape her wicked wrath unscathed.

Today was *trim the ponytail day* in the next town over, uhhhh ~ sorry ~ that would be my ponytail lol:)  I wanted to share with you this *don't blink you'll miss it* town... before her blooms wither, her leaves turn crisp and her streets become laden with slippery slush.  The town mothers and fathers do a smashing job of dressing their hometown every summer.  I hope you enjoy these small town summer snippets as much as I enjoyed taking them for you!

May I please introduce you to Bloomfield, NY in the Finger Lakes Region ~ they know how to welcome visitors warmly, spread good cheer and make you want to slow your pace.  It's the kind of place where you can stop at the coffee counter, get to gabbing with a friendly stranger, leave your good sunglasses next to your cup as you go out the door, whoopsie  ~ only to backtrack your steps the next day and learn that a kind local put them behind the counter, go figure.

Post office posies
 Grande flower carts poised along both sides of Main St.

Shop doorways whispering ~ pick me, pick me

Even the gas station invites you to pause, just for a moment

Tootles, Sue


  1. Just Beautiful ! I love toens like this. Those shops look so inviting!

  2. My prayers are with all those good people who are about to meet Irene. I'm so glad we here in Florida were lucky enough to escape her but now the people in the north have to put up with her. I'm just praying she arrives and leaves very fast.
    Love the pics of your neighbor town. What beautiful flower carts.

  3. I love those carts flowing over with beautiful flowers! The gas station attempt is cute too.

    I have never gone back to where I left my sunglasses. I always assume they get reclaimed by someone who really needed them more than I did.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Looks like a sweet little town. Love all the flowers! Thanks for the good wishes for the hurricane. We need them!

  5. I'm Irene - and everyone is cursing me. This Irene is a nice girl really.
    I love the pictures of your town. How wonderful that traders make such an effort to make their place so pretty. Irene xx

  6. Beautiful pics of a beautiful town that I'd love to visit!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I would love to visit towns like this. So peaceful and beautiful with pleasant people. I live in Miami so our city is not like this at all. It is nice to see that places like this do exist....with nice people too. My mind is with those people in the Hurricane's path. I've been through several hurricanes and it is a scary experience.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Lovely pictures. :)
    It is a sweet little town. Reminds me of the look of the little areas you find out on the Cape.

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos, Sue! There are so many darling towns up in the Finger Lakes area--you're lucky to live there :)

  10. What a lovely town - looks like some place I'd like to visit some day!

  11. I live in georgina, but originally from Leroy, NY. I love the pictures. Where the weather this kind od year is just beautiful.

  12. I live in georgina, but originally from Leroy, NY. I love the pictures. Where the weather this kind od year is just beautiful.


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