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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's Your Limit?

Hi Friends!  I wondered if any of you stop following blogs who don't post regularly?  Today I discovered several blogs that haven't updated (posted) in 6 or 7 months.

I started wondering what my fellow bloggers think about this topic, so I created a 3 day poll over in my side bar.

Thanks in advance to anyone who participates!

Comments welcome too.

Wishing one and all a lovely week:)

Tootles, Sue 


  1. I like when people update more than once a week but I have a folder in my reader called "on hiatus" where the nonposters go. Makes it easier to see when they are back.

  2. Interesting topic Sue. I never really gave this any thought so it will be interesting to see what other people think.
    Barbara =^..^=

  3. I have never figured out how to use the reader. I just go to the blogs via the list on my own blog.
    Maybe you should do a poll on why posts on blogs decline so much!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder WHY do I blog!

  4. I probably only post to my blog a couple of times a month but I still have followers LOL.
    I had a couple of blogs in my stalking list that hadn't posted for 6 months so I deleted them.....

  5. I wondered why they haven't posted but feel bad and don't totally drop them.

  6. I used to get really unhappy with blogger who were SO interesting and then just stopped - but you didn't know they stopped so you kept checking back - that got to be a lot of work once my list gained some size!. I'm so happy to have found Google Reader - so I can see immediately when a blog has been updated.
    Not having a blog of my own, I can only say that I truly appreciate the time and effort that folks take to post - thank you to all of you!

    Mary in MN

  7. No limits here. I myself had in 2010 a break of almost 10 months from stitching, blogging, emails etc out of personal reasons and a total stitching burnout. But I came back :)
    I figure some people might return to blogging, others might decide not to do so. In the first case they pop up on my Google Reader where I most likely will be very happy to see her/him back. In the latter case they simply don't pop up?

  8. I think I need the Stitch Bitch to show me how to make one of those folders!

    I try to post every other week if I can. You know I can't when I'm in new Jersey glowing green though ;O)

    I haven't done any blog cleaning lately but if someone hasn't posted in six months I start to wonder what's up. You just never know what's happening in a persons life that would keep them from blogging and I try to be understanding about it.

  9. I like it when blogs are updated regularly, but I know that sometimes life just gets in the way and, unfortunately, a blog has to fall by the wayside sometimes. I have several on my list that have not been updated in a long time.

  10. As an infrequent poster myself, I don't stop following even if there have been no posts for months. People get busy with other things and I can certainly relate to that.

  11. I keep all of the blogs I read in on my list. I've found that sometimes a whole year will go by without a post from someone and then suddenly they're back.

  12. I don't think it should matter when people post or not post. Blogging should be fun and not an obligation. I personally won't stop following a blog because they don't post regularly. Stopping just because of that would feel like we are punishing them!!! Most people have very busy lives and probably their blog is not a priority. Just my humble opinion.

  13. I agree with Natalia. I know of a few bloggers who, as Gabi did, went on hiatus and came back and I was thrilled to see them again. I would love to update weekly or twice a week but I stitch large samplers and even *I* know it's not interesting to see photos of the same thing repeatedly. I try to go with the flow. There are one or two bloggers who haven't updated in over a year or two and I can't knock them off my list because I worry about them & hope they're okay. I figure I am always late with commenting and am not the best blogger with updating my blog but my heart is in the right place & I assume everybody else's is, too. After all, stitchers make the best people. ;)


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