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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How A Stitcher's Mind Works...

Burn brand yourself with your iron, cause you're looking one way and reaching the other way...

Naturally, you reward yourself with this...
Grape Pie, very sweet and very tart and oh so ooey gooey all in one bite, my absolute fave, there I've said it.
Fall harvest in the Finger Lakes is simply the most wonderful time of the year, even if that Christmas song says otherwise.

I know there's one or two of you out there who'd react the same as me.  Have a good day all and my thanks to a couple new followers for taggin along, nice to have you here~hope you enjoy your visits:)

Tootles, Sue


  1. I had my first bite of grape pie last year. I was a little hesitant but OH MY it was good!

  2. ouch, that burn mark looks all too familiar...my arms are full of burn marks...
    love the looks of the grape pie...I made juice with my grapes this year, so that I can make those exact pies!!!!!! There is a recipe in the Amish cookbook I got at the Log Cabin we stayed in this summer!!!

  3. Ouch!!!! You did need a little pick me up after that....but grape pie? I've never heard of it and I'm from Pa. Maybe you should post the recipe for us so we can share in on your "reward".

  4. Hope your burns heals fast. Never heard of grape pie but sounds like a nice comfort for your burn.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. YOUCH!!! That burn looks painful. I reward myself waaaay too often, which is probably why I look the way I do. LOL Grape pie--never had any but it looks interesting (and good!).

  6. OW!! Hope it heals quickly, Sue... And I've heard of grape pie from my brother who lives up your way--have to try some next time I'm visiting him :)

  7. Ouch! Yep...been there myself on more than one occassion. Grape pie is one that I've never tried, but it sure looks yummy!

  8. OUCH. Oh, yeah, grape pie. Actually making it is a lot of work. Luckily, Monica's is just a hop, skip and jump away.... and there is a quilt store right nearby!


  9. Oh, that's so much better than I thought it would be! By the preview on my reader I thought you were going to say that you sat yourself down and stitched yourself up with some amazing colored silk from somewhere. Owie! That looks like it really hurts! Take care of it, burns are not something to mess around with.

  10. How I miss those grape pies!! Fall must be beautiful in your neck of the woods right now. Hope the arm is feeling better....looks painful!!!
    Cindy in ME


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