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Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Sweets and Snake Hash...

Hi there stitchy and prim luvin friends!  It's been a drizzly and grey weekend here, yet it's my fave time of year, I love Fall!  The foliage is not yet at peak in our area, hoping the glorious turning of colors doesn't pass us by this year.  My sweet thanks for your good wishes on my last post, my burn is healing nicely with no problems at all.  How's everybody doing?  Here's a bit of this and that from our part of NYS...

STITCHIN...  I keep eying a kitted project on the table but sorry, nothing new to report, so skip on by if you like:) 


CRITTERS...  Hubs left the mudroom door open, this little guy snuck in and was makin a squirmy beeline for me in the kitchen.  Luckily my hero came to the rescue, here's where it landed, under the truck tire.  He's ok, not hurt, wiggled away, and DON'T COME BACK, YOU'RE NOT WELCOME IN MY KITCHEN YOU REPTILE INTRUDER ~ NEXT TIME I'LL MAKE SNAKE HASH OUT OF YOU AND FEED YOU TO THE SNAKE EATING VARMINTS! 
ROOTIN IN THE BARN...   We rescued this advertising sign from the barn, a monster at 4 feet wide and very heavy, no room inside so we hung it in the garage.  Condition isn't good, dates from 50's-60's when this variety of poultry was being developed.  She's a keeper, grunge and all.
COLLECTIN AND THRIFTIN...  I confess, I'm a plopper!  Found this sturdy older pine bench with square nails and nice patina for $10., score!  The Lion Brand cream cheese vintage box was a buck, I plopped in a pothos cutting and a few fall things for the kitchen window, probably too much, but I'm not enough of a fusser to re-do it.  The newer miniature fraktur print was also a buck, I always keep a watchful eye out for anything frakturish.  The chenille ear of corn is huge and was only 2 bucks, it got plopped too.  Lots of us have seen the twine storage in a sugar jar, very handy and works great.  I finally added a homespun bow and Sweet Annie to my hand turned tigermaple clothespin to dress it up a bit, it'll get plopped somewhere too.

BAKIN...  We all have those projects, we say ~I'll get to it, one of these days~.  Well, yay for me ~ I got one accomplished!  Please won't you meet my very plain apron, she's all of 30 yrs old, bleached a bazillion times and worked as hard as a mule.  Mind you, I was a young lady when I started wearing it, and of course, the years grew on me... as they always do.  Can you guess where this is going?  Yep, the apron strings became difficult to reach from behind.  I snipped off her old strings and sewed on a long length of grosgrain to each side~VOILA!  I haven't decided whether to retire the old girl, maybe she's good for another 30 years, I just kinda feel good knowing she's still workin for me:)

There's something about almond paste that promises an impressive and elegant delight on the tongue, yet some think it's really too fussy to bother with, I can testify that it's not.  Almond Paste {not marzipan} comes in a small can, has the consistency of sugary Play Dough and is very easy to work with.  There was a bakery in Buffalo, NY called the Ken-Paul Bakery {closed years ago}, they  made the most divine Almond Rings.  A girl can only crave one for so long 'til she decides to do something about replicating it, the easy way if possible!  This is what I tried, it was f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.  The recipe is HERE .  I followed the directions exactly and would not change a thing.  These bars are on par with a better quality bakery, and I dare say they'd be at least $3.00 each anywhere, if you were lucky enough to find them.  Our leftovers were wrapped well and sent to the freezer, I'm a bit curious to see whether they freeze well.  Please let me know if you try these, and what you think? 

I wish each of you have a few sweet moments of peace this coming week, needle or apron in hand, if the mood suits you:)  Thanks for stopping by...

Tootles, Sue


  1. ohh poor wee snake ,..lol glad he was save and ousted back outside .... love your finds and how you have used them for decorating and just love the apron too .. somewhere I still have mine and am not sure my tapes will stretch any more either ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Ack -- snakes freak me out! Glad he's outside and not in! I can't help it -- I keep thinking about that yummy baked thing there. lol! I have to get DH to bake me some -- looks so good! I enjoyed your post -- so much to peruse and enjoy!

  3. Eeeeeeekkkkk!!! It's a snake!! I hate those little buggers and would faint dead away if one got into my kitchen. Speaking of kitchen, those almond bars look divine and I know I have to try this recipe. Also you did good on your new goodies. What beautiful displays you now have to welcome in Autumn.

  4. A post full of all types of great goodies - except the snake, you can keep him!

  5. Those almond bars look yummy!

  6. Fabulous autumn arrangements in those great finds! The bench and cheese box were both a steal! I look forward to trying this recipe... I used to have an addiction to "bear claws" (which are about the same ingredients)... but, that bakery closed... happy autumn to you!

  7. Love your fall decorating, Sue--that bench is such a cute piece! And the almond sweets look delightful...wish I could say the same for the snake! Outside of bats, those are the creatures I fear the most!

    Enjoy your fall :)

  8. I don't mind snakes outside, but I definitely wouldn't want them inside. :) As for your plopped items, I love all of them! Thanks for including the recipe for the almond bars, they look delicious.

  9. Ack!!!!! SNAKE!!!!! *runs around*

    The almond bars look divine. Almonds and sugar cookie dough? SIGN ME UP.

  10. EEk! Glad the snake exited so...uneventfully.

    Love your prim goodies and the sweets look divine! I have developed an obsession with french macarons lately; Ummm, almonds!

  11. I don't get around much. Never heard of the twine in a sugar jar, nor have I ever seen chenille corn! Lots of nice things to look at, but I should never have clicked on the recipe and landed in Betty Crocker's sweets. Then I moved on down and saw grape pie. Never heard of it!! So after all that, my elderberries are coming out of the freezer and hitting that crust.

  12. Yikes!! I would freak if a snake made its way into the house. I'm glad St. Patrick got rid of the snakes here in Ireland. ;) Love your autumnal decorating!


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