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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do You Know What Your STATUS Is?

Hi there sweet friends, thank you kindly for your joyous Christmas wishes and good cheer, the warmth of fellow stitchers is some of the best found on the planet!

A friend suggested I make a postie about ~ No Reply ~ status, my friend is very wise and realizes we're all at different skill levels on these here dern computer contraptions:)

This postie is only for those interested, if you're not... please move along!  I mean really, why would one want ~ No Reply ~ status?  Isn't the best part of blogging the communicating and learning?  When one takes time to leave a comment asking this or that, and ~ No Reply ~ is discovered, how can we get back to the commenter?   

Remember last week when PeggyLee/Kentucky Sampler tipped me off that my very own setting defaulted to ~ No Reply ~ status?  It wasn't always like that, something went wonky with Blogger to change the default.  Like I giggled to my wise friend... I've n.e.v.e.r. been a ~ No Reply ~ kind of gal, even as a wee toddler.  Just ask my looooong suffering parents, my very tolerant brothers, or my thoroughly exhausted Mr. Sweet, they'll testify and in a NY minute:)

Here's how you can fix or verify your ~ No Reply ~ status: 

*** Go to your dashboard, dashboard, DASHBOARD, stay there, DO NOT select your blog!

*** Look to the far left where it says *EDIT PROFILE*, click once.

*** In the *PRIVACY* setting, place a check mark next to *Show my email address*.

*** Look again to verify you have a check mark there:)

*** Scroll to bottom of page and click *Save Profile*.

*** You're done and have set your default to ~ Reply ~. 

*** Now pat yourself on the back, or throw one back from the Hersheys Syrup bottle, we won't tell!

If you found this postie helpful, feel free to leave a comment... if you dare;)

Enjoy your night, sleep tight, don't crawl into bed with your needle stuck in your jammies!

Tootles, Sue


  1. lol! You're so funny! No needles allowed in jammies! :D I didn't know one could set that setting. Interesting. I've just always had it set when I comment. Nice to know!

  2. Oh Sue you always make me giggle with your posts.
    I am not a ~No Reply~ kind of gal either. =)
    I have been known to tip the Hershey's syrup bottle a time or two. I know my stitchy friends won't tell on me.

  3. phew mine was right ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Well done. I will go link my blog and hope that people take a minute to read.



  5. The reason for no email on my blog is my name, it attracts weirdo's, sorry about that! But leaving a question in my comments is always fine and I will reply on your blog:)
    Happy New Year!

  6. You crack me up. Thank you for posting this - I will link to it next post. I have settings change on me all the time and can't figure out why. Happy New Year girl!!

  7. Great post! I'll have to check my status - I don't want to be no-reply!!! Phew! Glad I''m not the only one to do the Hershey's thing!!

  8. Thanks for the info...love a gal and her chocolate. LOL

  9. Thanks for the excellent directions. I followed a link from Marly @ Samplers and Santas. I didn't know I was a do not reply but have corrected it now.

    I will check my jammies tonight. Since we have a leather sofa I tend to find needles in the oddest of places.

  10. Thank you so much! I never realized that I wasn't making it easy for people to answer me when I left comments. A great help!

  11. Oh no! I was a No Reply and didn't know it :( Thanks for the idiot's guide (pitched perfectly at my level *sob* )


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