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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fare Thee Well 2011...

Hi there sweet friends and a mighty sweet welcome to a couple new followers too!  Hope everyone is easing out of their Christmas Feast *stretchy pants* and now resting comfortably, as I am ~ LOL!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday I started pondering over linens, floss, trims and projects for 2012.  My brain became positively numb with stitchy overload, anyone else get like that?  The best thing for me was to stop over-thinking every miniscule aspect of my 2012 projects.  I paused and decided 'twas better to get organized to help me make informed decisions about supplies.

These stragglers needed to be corraled...

Lo and behold, I've stashed more linen than thought!  I know this isn't a lot of linen for some of you, but for me it's certainly a delightful and plentiful discovery!  Most pieces had been folded, but I was growing concerned about the color on the hand dyed pieces starting to fade on the fold lines.  Sadly it can happen but I think I'm good with that so far.  So I measured/labeled each and secured with twine.  At first glance you may think this a bit fussy-mussy, but we spend dear dollars on hand dyed linens.  My goal is to keep them well stored without suffering any damage.  Rolling them will prevent that. 
Getting there...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyone maybe remember this pic from November? 
Wasn't sure where these colors were gonna take me...

In the end it all came together as a sweet RAOK for our very own Ma Teakettle and her clan!  It's been received, and I joked with Ma that if this wasn't a good fit for her tree, she could always use it as a door stop ~ LOL!
Tree Ornie
Motif ~ designer unknown
Zweigart 32 ct ~ Dirty
Floss ~ DMC 822 ~ 2 over 2
Stitch Count ~ 37 x 50
Bottom Band ~ kinda looked like folky snowflakes
Fill ~ Bamboo fiber
Started 11/21/11 ~ Finished 12/15/11

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As for 2012, may you enjoy many blissful stitches.  My sincere and sweet gratitude to all who read along here in 2011.  If you happened to comment along the way, your kinship is truly heartfelt and I thank you:)
Tootles, Sue


  1. Lovely gift for Ma kettle! Good for you for organizing your stash too. I should do that. lol! Happy New Year!

  2. Love the tree ornie. Have fun organizing.

  3. I love that tree ornie. It's beautiful. I'm dying to learn how to stitch like that. I have a couple of patterns, some backing fabric, some floss...now all I need is to do it!! Maybe tomorrow--unless I dye wool! LOL
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wonderful finish with a really nice tree. Reminds me of snowflakes and that fabric is perfect. My monitor shows it as a beautiful bluish gray but the color is dirty! Now I'm wondering what my photos look like to others since I adjust them to my screen colors which are obviously way off. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Great ornament finish. Also great idea for storing the occasional piece of fabric one my buy just because! :)

  6. Love Ma Kettle's ornie. Good sense of color and design, Sue!!I've been organizing the stash to get ready for WIPocalypse. A Happy, Healthy New Year to you, Sweet Sue & your loved ones!!

  7. What a fabulous gift for Ma and her clan!
    Here's to many more stitches in 2012!

  8. Sorting stash can be so overwhelming and so often lead to diversion. Nice RAK for Ma Teakettle.

  9. OHMIGOSH I absolutely love that tree ornie!
    What a great way to store your linens. I just might borrow that idea from you, do you mind?
    You are so funny about the stretchy pants (as I shamelessly sit here in mine). hehee

    Happy New Year to ya!

  10. You really have a great eye for combining trims and fabric with your stitching, Sue--the ornament looks fabulous!!

    Happy, healthy new year to you!!

  11. Sue, when you're finished organizing your linens, will you come over and do mine?? Mine are folded but I do like your idea of rolling them.
    The ornie is adorable!!! Have a wonderful 2012!!!

  12. I adore my ornie so very much :)

    I am wishing you luck with the organizing as I watch and wait to see what I can learn from your stash wisdom :)

    Thank you again, sweet Sweet Sue for thinking of lil ole Ma, and what a blessing you are to us all.

    Happy New Year

  13. Love the tree ornament! I don't fold either. I lay them flat is a dresser drawer. Great trims.

  14. Beautiful little tree ornament. I love the design.

  15. Great job on the ornament!

    I recently corralled all of my linen and oh my gosh--I was both thrilled and shocked at how much I've stock piled over the years!

    Happy new year!

  16. ooo well done on being organise with the trims and the fabric ... and labelling them is fab .. should really do that for mine ... lovely pillow for Ma :) wishing you a very merry stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

  17. I love the tree ornie..I did not realise fabric faded so will have to go and check mine now. And you are right, it is hard (especially if you are not in the USA) to get hold of the right coloured fabric you need and evenweave full stop, so we do indeed need to look after it. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves (or euros for me or dollars lol).
    Hapve a happy new year!

  18. Your tree ornie is looking so pretty! I'll have to remember that finishing as I'm planning to make a lot of ornies next year :) Happy New Year!!

  19. Gorgeous ornament, congratulations

    Best wishes for 2012

  20. Hi Sue! I was going through the list of followers on my blog and came across your blog. Glad I did! I am also a stitcher (when my 3 children allow me time). I am your newest friend and looking forward to following along your blog. Btw... I love your stash of linen. I think mine is actually still packaged up. I never thought about taking it out and rolling it up like that but yes, the creases do tend to harm it. I'm gonna do that tomorrow! Thank you!

    Have a delightful week~


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