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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Silliness...

Easter week greetings sweet friends!  If you were here the last couple Easters, perchance you recognize my annual Easter greeting.  Maybe you're thinking, sheesh ~ here she is again, with that silly thing, why does she do that?!  Well my sweet friends, it's just a thing I do, it makes me giggle, like a little girl ~ every. single. time.

This year I felt inspired to share a verse from my little girl heart ~ to yours....

call me silly
i don't care
time to share
the chocolate hare

       Wishing you a very Happy and Sweet Easter!

Tootles, Sue

ps:  if you're here next Easter (and I hope you are), GUESS WHAT LOL!


  1. Happy Easter!! I like your greeting. :D

  2. Well, I for one look forward to your annual Easter silliness...it is so cute and really puts me in the Easter spirit!! Happy Easter to you and yours Sue.

    Love your header too...lovely!!!!!

  3. Those two always make me smile! Happy Easter to you.

  4. Happy Easter to you to Sue, Keep it up I love your little verse and the choc bunnies.

  5. Always cute!!!! Hope you and your family have the bestest of Easters

  6. Love it! :) Easte blessings to you Sue.

  7. Love it ~ always makes me smile! ;)

  8. Happy Easter, thanks for the smile. Darlene

  9. I never get tired of that little funny, Sue!! Wishing you a very Happy Easter as well!

  10. I just love this little pic! It gives me the giggles everytime I see it! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  11. LOL!!! I love this! Thanks for sharing!!


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